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Amazing graffiti artists take over entire buildings to create these

Amazing graffiti artists take over entire buildings to create these


Amazing graffiti artists take over entire buildings to create these incredible murals

Amazing graffiti artists take over entire buildings to create these incredible murals



Why keep this trend just to your wardrobe and home wear, 'Mural painter Camille

Drab walls become gateways to another dimension as these colourful portals seemingly pop out of nowhere

30 Amazing Huge Street Art On Building Walls - Bored Art


The largest street art exhibition ever created was on display this October in Paris. Over

Street art · This is painted on ...

This particular wall even comes with handy little frames to let you pose inside of them! Fair warning, as a short person it definitely took me a couple of ...

Okuda turns a dreary Hong Kong building into a giant kaleidoscopic bear

Live Free - This image was taken in the St. Henri District of Montreal at an abandoned building. Montreal has amazing graffiti artists and many of them ...

What has been created is this interesting combination between drab, sad buildings and this colorful artwork that is intricate and industrial.

Tasteful Graffiti Art created on privately owned buildings. Permission to create the art is given

The work of @travmsk and @_emjay_ can be found @gerardspoolhall here in @

“Graffiti is a telltale street art that relies on images and illustrations, and we implemented it to create a positive impact in these surroundings."

Medieval Graffiti, created by four Brazilian graffiti artists

Colorful Art Paintings | Colorful Graffiti Art Design Colorful Graffiti Art – Photography .

Portuguese artist, Alexandre Farto aka Vhils, takes street art to a whole new level

Sadly, most pieces of graffiti are nothing more than the uninteresting consequence of some narcissistic douche bag putting his tag on a public building.

This mural spans 50 buildings and can only be fully seen from a nearby mountain. It was created by eL Seed, an Arabic graffiti artist and in a part of Cairo ...

Sainer and Bezt are street artists from Lodz, Poland. Together the duo are known as ETAM CRU and their building-sized murals are incredible.


Israeli street artist Dede painted this awesome set of wind-up chattering teeth on the exterior of the abandoned Dolphinarium in Tel Aviv.

Flickr user Garret Zeigler


Broken Crow gave up graffiti for murals, including this one on the XYandZ gallery building

There are 28 outdoor murals in total on the Walls of Benalla's buildings that the guided tours covered in roughly an hour, this is impressive considering it ...

#1 MONKEYBIRD – The latest mural by the French duo Monkeybird can be found in their hometown Paris. This top-notch stencil work is based on various statues ...

Street Artist Turns Boring Stairs Into Nightmarish Anglerfish | Bored Panda | Optical illusions | Pinterest | Artworks, Urban and Stairs

These murals have been painted throughout Europe, and take up entire walls of buildings, created using spray paint as well as traditional, brushed-on paint.

Knowing each other for more than 20 years, and beside their individual career projects, they have lately been working altogether also on combo projects.

When I saw these messages in person, they really did impact me, and I do look at them in an artistic way. Other artists, such as the well-known Banksy, ...

People queue to visit a social housing tower converted into a temporary street art exhibition in Paris, France, Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2013.

This mural is located at Studio 835 at 835 Bloor Street West. Created by street artist Jimmy Chiale this mural spans the whole side of this building and is ...

Photo: Guido van Helten

Now take a look at these 70 creative examples of street art. How can something so beautiful and creative be a crime?

Graffiti Garages. Share This. View all photos

Military dictatorships of the past left buildings in certain neighbourhoods dilapidated. Graffiti artists have helped revive these buildings using a mix of ...

lisbon street art

These are my two favourites buildings covered in Art.

Contemporary graffiti art on city walls. Design, building.

The French artist Astro creates dizzying optical illusions, leaving the spectators confused and impressed. He made this amazing mural ...

This graffiti artist used spray paint but needed a very tall ladder to reach the top of this building.

... as neat and aesthetically pleasing, but the effort put in creating these works can be easily identified; these works are of aspiring graffiti artists, ...

... as neat and aesthetically pleasing, but the effort put in creating these works can be easily identified; these works are of aspiring graffiti artists, ...

4: London has a large role to play in the street art scene, home to many talented artists and creatives, as well as being a destination for artists all over ...

3d-graffiti-art-odeith-1. “

10 Amazing 3D Graffiti Artists (and the Top 3 3D Sidewalk Chalk Artists) Most people complain about graffiti but these artists tend to draw a crowd and a ...

This is one of the anchoring pieces in this graffiti-heavy part of town, an area heavy with warehouses and manufacturing buildings.

Revok is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Best Graffiti Artists

Private tour Berlin street art offers is one of the top tours that offers a walk

Reyes is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Best Graffiti Artists

For street artists, any surface of the city can be a canvas. Take Ben Wilson who creates paintings from discarded chewing gum. This one depicts the street ...

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight | These GIFs Kray: Artist Creates Animated Graffiti By Painting A Whole Building Multiple Times

Mural Artist Who Portrays Butterfly Specimen Box on Building Graffiti artist, who goes by the

Check out these cool shots of some of the amazing aerosol art in the old dorm.

Rue Riquet

What drew me into this piece was the design. I love monochromatic work and the patterns were so intriguing. The heart at the center of the head is my ...

Graffiti Types and Styles


This graffiti artist is beautifying the war torn landscape of Kabul despite the fatal risk

A Bird in the Hand? is it possible that this art piece signifies it's better to have something of lesser quantity that to take a chance on something better?

Space Oddity, Truly Designs, mural, graffiti, anamorphic painting, VF Corporation,

While your soldiers have been trying to eradicate ADVENT, you may have noticed the lively, vibrant graffiti art painted on buildings around the globe.

graffiti-artists-take-over-entire-buildings-to-create-. Places explored in this article:

For project inquiries, please contact us at [email protected] or call 646-801-6024

Graffiti art painted on old abandon building in downtown

“This whole building is slated for demolition”, says Betty Jean Williamson, Board President of Beacon Arts. “Our move out date is currently December 1st”.

If you like this one, I guess you should hurry to go see it. As I discovered, this particular alleyway that takes you to the Westend area has developed over ...

Still, the installation clings to one important aspect of street art: its brevity. Because the dormitory will be renovated soon after the month-long ...

2) Another great project was we had Sektor paint a couple buildings for Sydney Water. The aim of this project was to create unique artworks that the ...

Our artists got to work, firstly on erecting the temporary wall in which we were to draw on. This comprised of stage flats and foam boards, creating a ...

The Colorful COPE Graffiti Wall Located at 6697 Capitol St. Houston, TX. This wall was created ...

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Photo by Max Touhey

A side wall of building covered with graffiti art, London UK

Lake Road, Kolkata – Durga Pujo brings in the best out of this city. In 2017, artists decided to take the streets as they created a kilometre long Rangoli ...

They painted the entire building green and then created a series of whimsical figures and plants. This is the North Wall with Morning Glory and cockroach.

mural : Graffiti Artists Take Over Entire Buildings To Create .

Grab a gelato at Cavini on the corner and wander down into this intriguing underworld gallery, you might even hear the organ- and radio-playing local ...

On Tuesday afternoon, workers were seen detaching the clock face with the work of art on it from the building.

The teams walked over to the store along w/ Kyrie to sign their gifted backboards. This was an awesome project/opportunity in collaboration w/ Game Seven ...

A skateboarder makes his way through the alley and past a mural painted on the rear of a building in the 300 block of East 4th Street in Santa Ana on ...


I take pleasure in imagining the process of the graffiti artist, and the power of the force that drives them to create their work.

This building in Miami has art painted on the ceilings so it can be seen by people on the street


Add Fuel, 'AZ115 More Than Metal', Muraliza Street Art Festival. Photo

I then began to wonder who designed this piece of graffiti and I suddenly recognised the artist's tag / signature right next to the skull.

For me, it started out being this really small alley of information and encapsulating ideas and then it opened up into this highway of thought, action, ...

This graffiti art shown above was painted by Uber5000 in 2012 on a building that faces Rush Lane, better known as Graffiti Alley.

Now take a look at these 70 creative examples of street art. How can something so beautiful and creative be a crime?

Graffiti in Bromsten, Stockholm


Reverse Graffiti: Street Artists Tag Images on Walls by Scrubbing Them Clean. Design

Wonderful to see how commissioned art can be decorative as well as creative, these flowers are amazing and covered the entire building. Graffiti ...

Watch 40 artists turn this empty building into an illegal graffiti paradise