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Alternate view of the confederate flag takedown Flags t

Alternate view of the confederate flag takedown Flags t


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Pro confederate

Groups in favor of keeping the Confederate battle emblem as part of the state flag parade in front of the state capitol in Jackson.

S.C. Senate gives final OK to Confederate flag removal, House debates Weds. - Chicago Tribune

Why The Confederate Battle Flag Is Even More Racist Than You Think | HuffPost

rebel flag | Tumblr

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Miles's original flag design had an upright cross but he changed it after Charles Moise, a self-described “southerner of Jewish persuasion” objected that ...

The Official Flag of Traitors and Losers.my fellow American Get An Education

rebel flag memes

Bree Newsome takes down the Confederate Flag from a pole at the Statehouse in Columbia, South Carolina, June 27, 2015. Newsome was later arrested for her ...

Richard Ellis/ZUMA Press/Corbis

A Confederate flag flies outside the South Carolina State House in Columbia in 2012

And a beach towel.

If the Confederate Flag represents racism,,, so do these.


Opponents Call Compromise Confederate Flag a Cop-Out | Sunshine State News | Florida Political News

Buckle and Belts, a leather shop just off the 10 freeway in Calimesa, sells patches, pins and accessories with the Confederate battle flag.

HD Rebel Flag Wallpaper 2018 is high definition wallpaper.

Confederate flag rises in Orange County

The new civil war. Don't take down any rebel flags. You should take down your pride flag and your thug music. Another pinner.

Alternate view of the confederate flag takedown - 9GAG

Charleston Shooting Confederate Flag

The Science of Why Taking Down the Confederate Flag Matters - The Atlantic

Alternative Views:

A man holds a sign up during a protest rally against the Confederate flag in Columbia

The second was called the “Stainless Banner”. It wasn't around too long before getting replaced, because it was often confused for a surrender flag.

State workers take down a Confederate national flag on the grounds of the state Capitol on

Confederate Flag Removed From South Carolina Statehouse

In Charleston, a statue memorializing the Confederacy is taped off after police said someone spray-painted it with the words "Black Lives Matter.


Chris Keane / Reuters

Wikimedia / The Atlantic

To the Guy Flying a Confederate Flag in Exeter, New Hampshire

... white Confederateflagpromphoto. Confederate flag ...

Girls wearing hats displaying the Confederate flag.


Waving the Confederate Flag – As Refracted by the Jewish American Lens


Rebel flag dress would be an awesome wedding dress!

confederate flag

A funeral service for the crew of the submarine HL Hunley in Charleston, South Carolina. '

confederate navy jack

Pass this around keep the flag alive the flag didn't do anything

If we have to take down the confederate flag because it offends people

And a beer koozie. And a beer pong table. And a pocket knife. And a beach towel. And a bikini. And flip-flops. And a baseball cap. And a saddle pad.

And regular curtains.

Confederate imagery: Should the Oregon Capitol take down Mississippi's flag? | OregonLive.com

Civil war re-enactors position a gigantic Stars and Bars flag on the steps of the South Carolina State Capitol (Alamy)

House votes to restrict Confederate flag in national cemeteries

Confederate Flag Mailbox so net you city slicker that are sissy that like ray bans and

Why Banning the Confederate Flag Won't Stop Confederate America

Since 2009, we have been claiming that the Confederate battle flag is not some simple display of heritage, as many of its defenders would claim.

'Disappearing' the Confederacy

Does America's first flag symbolize 'exclusion and hate,' as this Mich. school superintendent said? - The Washington Post

It looks like open season has been declared on the battle flag of Army of Northern Virginia, which is commonly referred to as the Confederate battle flag.

And a baby onesie.

We have seen that South Carolina Republicans refuse to take down the Confederate flag flying over the state capitol, in the wake of a hate crime in which ...

USA Update Mississippi divided: Battle over Confederate flag shifts to Magnolia State

The Confederate battle flag is removed from the pole at the South Carolina statehouse grounds during a ceremony in Columbia July, 10, 2015.

If You Want to Get Rid of 'Racist Flags,' How About Starting with the American Flag?

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Charleston Shooting

Should all Confederate symbols and flags be banned and the distorted Southern version of the Civil War be outlawed?

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South Carolina legislators easing to idea of removing Confederate flag – report

For them, it symbolizes slavery because the Confederacy was openly and clearly in favour for eternal and unlimited slavery. It symbolizes often racism and ...

in response to a pro-Confederate-flag demonstration outside the South Carolina State House on June 27. (Lexey Swall / Getty Images)

Confederate Flag issue - Forum - DakkaDakka | We've got a Strategy Rating of 4.

And regular curtains. And paper napkins. And a beer koozie. And a beer pong table. And a pocket knife. And a beach towel. And a bikini. And flip-flops.

confederate battle flag

Mayor Jones on Confederate statues: 'Rather than tearing down, we should be building up' | City of Richmond | richmond.com

University of Maryland students waving the Confederate flag.



Mayor Jones on Confederate statues: 'Rather than tearing down, we should be building up' | City of Richmond | richmond.com

A Confederate flag in the Hilton Head area of South Carolina (Alamy)

The South Will Rise Again (And This Time It Will Try To Be Less Racist) | Above the Law

Amid Growing Scrutiny and Pressure, State Flag May Land at Supreme Court


A veteran of the Confederate States of America examines a Union water bottle in front of

31st Division Band displaying the Confederate flag.

Charleston Shooting Confederate Flag

A menacing Dylaan Roof poses in front of a car


Viral Challenge Dares People To Destroy Confederate Flags On Private Property - YouTube

Appendix C: Analyses of Black Respondents


Flag factories like this one

Refuses to Take Down Confederate Flag