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ARAE Aurelianus Roman Coin Roman Empire Maximianus

ARAE Aurelianus Roman Coin Roman Empire Maximianus


Roman Empire - Lot of 3 AE Antoninianus. Aurelianus 270-275 and Probus 276

Roman Empire - Lot of 2 Antoninianus - Aurelianus 270–275 and Maximianus 286–

Roman Empire - Lot of 3 AE Antoninianus of emperors Aurelianus, Numerianus and Maximianus AD

Roman Empire - lot of 3 AE antonianus of Aurelianus (270-275),

Authentic Ancient Coin of: Aurelian - Roman Emperor: ...

The Tripolis mint of late third century Rome A list of all the coin types. An educational resource for collectors. by Warren Esty

Maximian, the 52nd Roman Emperor, was the military leader of the Tetrarchy. Initially



Roman Empire - Lot comprising 5 AE coins: 3 of Constantinus, 1 of Maximianus

Roman Empire. Batch of 13 Antoninianus of Tacitus, Probus, Tetricus, Maximianus,

AR/AE Aurelianus. Roman Coin, Roman Empire, Diocletianus 284-305 AD

Image is loading MAXIMIAN-297AD-Big-Follis-Authentic-Genuine-Ancient-Roman-

Image is loading MAXIMIAN -w-Jupiter-Victory-Authentic-Ancient-Original-295AD-

Roman Empire - 14 good quality bronze antoninianus: Gallienus (6), Claudius II

Roman Empire - Lot of 5 late-Roman AE coins; 4 Antoniniani, 1

Roman Empire - lot of 3 AE antoniniani - Carinus, Maximianus and Aurelianus

MAXIMIAN Authentic Ancient 285AD Antioch Roman Coin w JUPITER & HERCULES i67427

Roman Empire - Lot with a total of 12 Roman coins. Constantius I Chlorus,


Roman Empire - Lot of 9 AE Antininiani of Probus, Aurelian, Maximian, Gallienus

Roman Empire - lot of 10 Roman coins. Constantius II, Maximianus, Diocletianus,

Roman Empire - 33 roman bronze coins, I B.C. - IV century A.D. Domitian,


Roman Empire - Lot of 17 Antoninians of the emperors Quintilis, Claudius Gothicus, Diocletian

Image is loading Divus-MAXIMIAN-under-Constantine-I-317AD-Ancient-Roman-

Roman Empire - LOT of 18 x AE Roman Coins (3rd Cent. AD)

Example of Authentic Ancient Roman Coin of: Maximian Roman Emperor: ...


Roman Empire - Lot of 2 Antoninianus - Aurelianus 270–275 and Maximianus 286–310


Coin Depicting Roman Emperor Aurelian ~ Click through for interesting article on coins.

Roman Empire - Maximianus I Herculius (285 - 310 A.D.) bronze radiate fraction (

TOP QUALITY 29mm Follis Of Roman Emperor Galerius

156 IT Roman Empire Faustina Junior Minted 156 175 Fecunditas & Child Strike 5/5 Surface 5/5 (16111718C) Denarius Extremely Fine Star NGC XF* at Amazon's ...

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There are two main types, one with Fortuna seated as above and the other with Fortuna standing, as next.

AURELIAN 274AD SOL with CAPTIVES Authentic Ancient Roman Coin NGC MS i60398

270 - 275 A.D. Roman Empire Aurelian Antoninianus Coin Siscia Mint

Image is loading MAXIMIAN-Mint-State-Fully-Silvered-Ancient-Roman-Coin-

DIOCLETIAN 300AD Follis London Londinium Mint RARE Ancient Roman Coin i64018

... Aurelian-270-275-AD-AE-Antoninianus-FULL-SILVERED-

Stock Photo : Maximian Hercules aureus bearing head of Maximian, Roman coins, 2nd century AD

Emperor Adriano. Ancient Roman coin.

clioancientart: “ Roman Silvered Antoninianus of the Empress Severina, wife of Aurelian, AD This type of coin was the most common during this period in ...

Swiss farmer finds massive cache of ancient Roman coins

AR/AE Aurelianus. Roman Coin, Roman Empire, Maximianus Herculius 286-305

Ancient Roman AE Antoninianus EMPEROR MAXIMIANUS 285-286AD -Jupiter 4.07g

"One of the most beautiful and magical republican coins that I have seen with my own eyes - aureus (8,02 g, 20-21 mm) the magistrate Q. Cornuficius, ...

Ancient Roman Coin " Maximianus " 286 - 310 A.D. REF# Like S3546 19 mm

397 best Rome - Monnaies (coins) images on Pinterest | Roman emperor, Artemis and Rare coins

Aurelian was the 44th emperor in 270-275. During his reign, he suppressed. Roman ...

Special: Roman coin "Grab Bag" #2 $25 per coin. Mostly 2nd-4th century AD bronzes, with a few earlier (but more worn) types. Average sizes 14-30 mm.

MAXIMIAN Roman Empire AD 286-310 BI NUMMUS NGC MS Alexandria Genius Ancient Coin

Coins of the Tetrarchs

Roman Empire Egypt Maximian AD 286-310 BI Tetradrachm rv Nike Ch XF NGC

Roman coin of Maximianus.

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Ancients ROMAN EMPIRE. Aurelian - Maximianus. Lot of five (5) Æ antoniniani. Includes: Aurelian (Sol reverse) /.

Maximian Roman Emperor 286-305 A.D. Biography & Original Ancient Roman Coins for Sale as Numismatic Investment or Collection

Text · Image. Cohen 357, Maximianus, Rome ...

Roman Empire Maximian AD 286-310 BI Nummus rv Genius AU NGC Silvering

Diocletian 329

275 - 276 A.D. Roman Empire Tacitus Antoninianus Coin Antioch Mint


Magnus Maximus

Constantius I 'Chlorus' Ancient Roman Coins for Sale of Constantine the Great's Father

Roman Empire, Billon Aurelianianus of Maximian (AD 286-310) NGC Ch.

'Saint' Constantine the Great 307-337AD Authentic Ancient Roman Coins for Sale Online

Roman coin of Maximianus.

Maximian, 286-305. Struck 298-9 on his travels to Africa. rare. Most Carthage coins resembling this one end. FEL KART but this is a very rare legend ending

This last coin is interesting for another two reasons. First, Max is represented as Augustus, although the standard historical account (which you present) ...


Vows for 20 years of reign (which is what Diocletian wanted and imposed) RIC Rome 85b, "Scarce" and this officina is unlisted.

Silver "argenteus" of Diocletian's co-emperor, Maximian, introduced in AD 294

193 EG Roman Empire Septimius Severus Alexandria Mint Apollo Coin Issued 193/4 AD (


Maximian 24-22 mm. 4.55 grams. 6:00. IMP C MAXIMIANVS PF AVG MLXXI S P either side of Pax standing left holding olive branch and vertical scepter.

Aurelian 390, bust right

Constantius I 'Chlorus' Ancient Roman Coins for Sale of Constantine the Great's Father

Figure 1: Divus Claudius – Full follis from Rome (RIC 106) and half follis from Thessalonica (RIC 26)

Roman Empire Aurelian AD 270-275 BI Antoninianus Serdica Mint VF20 ANACS

Compare that with an early portrait of Maximian at Rome (issued 285-6), which isn't much different from your early Rome Diocletian. A bit curlier beard, ...

Maximianus, 286-310 AD. Bronze antoninianus with Hercules! Rome mint, struck 291 AD. His radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right, IMP MAXIMIANVS P F AVG ...

From the Nether Compton hoard

Aurelian (270-275, struck Spring - Summer 271) FORTVNA REDVX with Fortuna seated on a wheel. It is unusually large at 23-21 mm. RIC V.II on-line 2061.

Aurelian's new coins

This handout picture released on 19 November 19 2015 by the Archaeological Service of the Canton

156 IT Roman Empire Faustina Junior Minted 156 175 Fecunditas & Child Strike 5/5

Example of Authentic Ancient Coin of: Faustina II - Roman ...

Genuine Roman Coin Maximian AE Follis Silvered Genius Alexandria Egypt 1 of 6 See More

This contrasts with a western portrait of Maximian, at Lugdunum (though it's still rather impersonal): View attachment 713613

Maximianus - DIVO MAXIMIANO ver rare R3 (1136)

Aurelian, personification of Sol, defeats the Palmyrene Empire, and celebrates ORIENS AVG –