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A very cool large Koroit opal I will have at the Tucson Show Bill

A very cool large Koroit opal I will have at the Tucson Show Bill


The eagles are lookin quite dangerous! v3-1 #kfcseasonupdate by nicksinnott33 | koroit | Pinterest

A very large specimen of Opalized Wood I will have at the Tucson Show.

Koroit Opal News . . .: - A Very Nice Skinned Nut

A beautiful piece of Boulder Opal that will be at the Tucson Show! Bill Kasso

An absolute stunning piece of Opalized Wood showing the full spectrum of color! Bill Kasso

A Large Yowah Nut I will have at the Tucson Show.... Bill

*AUSTRALIA ~ Two amazing opals from Yowah,Queensland,Australia. Bill Kasso

A wonderful Boulder Opal split...This will be at the 2018 Tucson Gem

One of two different angles of a Brilliant Yowah Opal, showing the blue and green

A few cool matrix opals from Koroit Opal Field... Bill Kasso

A beautiful piece of Opalized Wood from the Yowah field. Opal Necklace ...

one half of a small [7.8 cts rough] Koroit Opal Nut


Covey of small Koroit Opals - KEITH CLER - These Koroit Opals and many more were with Gene McDevitt in Tucson, AZ at the 2015 GJX Gem Show Feb Booth Several ...

A Koroit opal cab - #koroit #koroitopal #opal #boulderopal

An opalized wood Koroit opal cab from the Comet opal mine - #koroit #

A nice set I just cut for the Tucson Show!

A beautiful four inch long Black Boulder Opal...destined for the Tucson Show

Ocean,clouds and a cliff in this Boulder Opal! Bill Kasso

Various Boulder Opals,Opalized Wood and Boulder Matrix.going to the Tucson Show.

Koroit opal cabs - #koroit #koroitopal #opal #boulderopal


part of a Koroit Opal nut [wet ]

A nice electric green boulder opal from Yowah...I will have it at the Tucson Show...Bill Kasso/Eagle Creek Opals

A bunch of Opalized Wood I will have at the 2018 Tucson Show.

Koroit Boulder Opal Slide Drilled Pendant from www.sunriseopals.com

some Boulder Opal pairs I'm working on for the Tucson Show.

A very unusual Yowah opal I cut for Jennifer Kalled....Bill Kasso

large picture stone...48mmx45mm..can you see the moon and eagle's

Boulder Opal, "Sunburst" Bill Kasso 47mm x 30mm. Skin of a Yowah

A Large Yowah Nut I will have at the Tucson Show.... Bill Kasso/Eagle Creek Opals | crystals | Pinterest | Eagle creek, Tucson and Minerals

A parcel of Opalized Wood...mostly from the Yowah and Koroit Opal fields

64.5ct Boulder Opal Pendant Super Large 30 mm Square 925 Sterling Silver Bright Blue Violet

Yowah boulder opal collector quality Baroque bufftop designer cabochon 6 ct. Koroit Killer multi color Flash

A beautiful Matrix Opal from Yowah,Queensland,Australia. Bill Kasso

A nice pipe opal with matrix left on either side. I do that to show it was a natural pipe from Queensland and not crystal from Coober Pedy or the Ridge.

Yowah nut opal from Yowah, Australia. Bill Kasso and I are the proud owners of this amazing stone!

An absolute stunning piece of Opalized Wood showing the full spectrum of color! Bill Kasso | Rock | Pinterest | Spectrum, Woods and Gems

Boulder Opal from Bill Kasso, Eagle Creek Opals.

Gem Boulder Opal before being cut and polished into Gemstones , [June 2017 ]' Dieter Rosenkranz

A lovely Boulder Opal with a world inside of it! Bill Kasso

Nice Koroit Matrix Opal. Bill Kasso

collectors boulder opal

A beautiful cuff bracelet with two large gem Boulder Opals. Jennifer Kalled creation with Bill Kasso opals.

OK, it's not a brooch, but it's yummy. The boulder opal "Zen Garden". see the Koi Fish on the upper left?

a Koroit matrix opal cab - www.koroit.com #koroit #opal #

#koroit #opal #boulderopal #koroitopal #mcdevitt #genemcdevitt #australianopal


A nice 47 carat Boulder Opal pair still in my inventory (I can't

Boulder opal (Koroit) from Bill Kasso.

Jennifer Kalled, Koroit Opal with hessonite garnet in 22k and 18k gold. Fantastic pattern

Perhaps the best Yowah Nut to come off the field in the 24 years I have been there, this large,clean gem Nut will be on exhibit at the Tucson Show at my ...

Two nice pieces of Boulder Opal rough...Bill Kasso

18.70ct Koroit Matrix = Blue Opal

... opal-petrified-wood-earrings-kalled-kasso

A beautiful 42 carat boulder opal cut by Bill Kasso

Koroit Boulder Opal

A volcano erupting inside this Boulder Opal cut by Bill Kasso

Koroit Matrix and Centre Opal Nuts

A very large and thick seam of Boulder Opal...cobalt blue! Bill Kasso

Giant Australian Opal!! I saw this one in person at Tucson Gem Show!!

Boulder Opal from Bill Kasso

Koroit Opal Australia

0134 Matrix opal showing brilliant greens and blues - the link here is to

8cts Boulder Opal Stone AD334

A nice big stripy Boulder Opal....almost finished...Bill

Koroit Opal Specimens Auction #40610 Opal Auctions

Picture boulder opal from Bill Kasso.

A handful of Koroit matrix opals... Bill Kasso

Amazing triangular shaped boulder opal with crimson red flash. the most valuable of opal colors

What a cool Koroit matrix opal! A painting of a magical forest.. Bill

some nice rough Boulder Opal I am processing.

a Koroit matrix opal cab

Big Boulder Opal(54x28mm)..this will also be at the Tucson Show..(Bill Kasso)

opal unset, single huge crystal opal from the Coober Pedy mine, Australia . This is a special collectors item.

Beautiful boulder opals minimalistically set in 925 Sterling silver.

section of a Koroit Opal nut

This is the large Boulder Opal cut from the top part of the big stone.

The "Zen Garden" boulder opal.cut by Bill Kasso.it will be at the Tucson Show.see the Coy Fish?

Koroit Wood Opal . [opalised wood]

Jennifer Kalled, future boulder opals for jewelry pieces! Boulder opals from Bill Kasso www

A beautiful little parcel of black boulder opal! On it's way to the Tucson…

koroit-boulder-opal-kalled-kasso ...

Closeup of a nice Koroit Matrix Opal. Bill Kasso

A Big and Beautiful piece of Opalized Wood I just finished.

The finished Boulder Opal stone cut from the larger piece of rough.

Vince Evert

A Parcel of rough Opalized Wood from Yowah... Bill Kasso

The "Garden of Eden" Boulder Opal....see the snake waiting

A stunning piece of gem Opalized Wood.

Another view of the beautiful Black Boulder Opal that will be at the GJX in Tucson

A lovely Boulder Opal split... Bill Kasso

This is a flawless & beautiful high Gem quality Quilpie Gem Boulder Opal Solid; a

Pretty · Beauty · Boulder Opal

Another cool Yowah stone that will be at the Tucson Show(GJX)....Bill Kasso/Eagle Creek Opals

Some beautiful opals I cut this year! Bill Kasso, Eagle Creek Opal

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Yes, I cut this cab from Koroit material. Koroit is known for its interesting matrix stones, but gorgeous full-faced boulder opals also can be found there.

A Koroit Opal Nut [sanded ,not polished yet ] displaying a center of gem opal surrounded by a skin of opal matrix