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A heroin junkie walks into the ER neck pain XRay proved that

A heroin junkie walks into the ER neck pain XRay proved that


A heroin junkie walks into the ER: neck pain. X-Ray proved that

10 Craziest Foreign Objects Found Stuck In A Rectum - found objects

Stuff people got stuck up their butts in 2015.

An x-ray showing a Buzz Lightyear action figure lodged in the anal cavity. The patient explained that it got stuck when it was inserted and a button was ...

x-ray objects stuck up in butts: whisk

Scoliosis surgery the spinal fusion surgery where they put metal rods in your back to straighten

X-ray Picture hip fracture and repair

kgw.com | Chronic pain patients fear opioid crackdown will cost them their medication

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Most bizarre X-rays in the history of medicine (20 pictures) | memolition

An X-ray of Lisa's neck after two surgeries.

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Rectal foreign bodies are not uncommon in emergency departments around

Where whiplash caused some noteworthy abnormal-vs-normal

cervical sprain, cervical strain, neck pain, range of motion, physical therapy,

half moon pacer.JPG

7 Kinds Of Chronic Body Pains Which Could Be Caused By Your Psychological/Emotional States - Holistic Rehab

Plagued by backache doctors can't explain? You may be a victim of the new type of back pain that can only be diagnosed by a blood test | Daily Mail Online

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hysical therapy and exercise are frequently prescribed and may reduce symptoms. This means that at least some of the pain is from muscles and that the ...

CRAZY PHOTOS: People Swallowed Some Unusual Things. Look What Doctors Found Inside Their Body

Our patient had atlantoaxial rotatory subluxation as Dr. Noelker points out. The inferior facet of C1 is displaced completely anterior to the L facet of C2.

Facts and myths

hint it's near C1,C2

Severe Head and Neck Pain

Low Back Pain, A Universal Human Experience?

Co-morbidities of lower back pain! Differential diagnosis of low back pain and Tarlov's Cyst.

One man's love of sashimi nearly killed him after it led to his body becoming riddled


The fractures can form an H across the body of the sacrum

He returns 12 days later with one day of shoulder pain and flank pain. What happened?

Relief From Lower Back Pain

prostate abscess2.JPG

Another condition that can mimic a pneumo/hemo is a collapsed lung. The image below is from a patient who presented one month ago to the ED.

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Original Article: Computed tomography-guided percutaneous core needle biopsy for diagnosis of mediastinal mass lesions: Experience with 110 cases in two ...

Case Report: Dorsally exophytic glioblastoma arising from the medulla oblongata in an adult presenting as 4th ventricular mass ...



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What do you notice on imaging?

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Bennet Omalu, Concussions, and the NFL: How One Doctor Changed Football Forever | GQ


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Opioid addiction

Martin had axial spondylo-arthritis or axSpA - an inflammatory arthritis that affects the spine

Boy, this picture to the right is exactly how I feel. That's EXACTLY where my pain is located. It's the bottom junction of the Cervical (neck) bone (C7), ...

Considering the Emergency Room? Here Are Some Pointers to Keep in Mind if You Have Chronic Pain.

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Those people don't wait to be seen. And if the day ever comes (God forbid) that you have ...

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Case Report: Bow hunter's syndrome in a patient with a right hypoplastic vertebral artery and a dynamically compressible left vertebral artery

Above: An X-Ray Of My Titanium Surgical Neck Implant

Click to enlarge

Lipstick on a Pig: Stelara's Unethical Ads ...

This line is drawn along the superior border of the femoral neck. In a normal hip, the line will intersect the femoral head. In SCFE, Klein's line does not ...

Herniated-Disc-thoracic-Spine. T1-T2. A disc hernia at this ...

Six ...

(a) Lobar (R frontoparietal lobe) ICH in a noncocaine user and (

Back Pain Management

Relative shortness of the distal articular surface of the ulna on plain radiograph (a)

FDA Pulling Pain Medication Opana ER from Market, Is This the Beginning of the End

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Section 3. Disorders of Intermediary Metabolism | Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, 18e | AccessPharmacy | McGraw-Hill Medical

Relative overlength of the distal articular surface of the ulna on plain radiograph with localized geographic

Chest plain radiography, A – PA frontal view, B – lateral

Figure 4: VAP software demonstrates the method in which each segment of the VAP is

Chapter 34. Cerebrovascular Diseases | Adams and Victor's Principles of Neurology, 9e | AccessMedicine | McGraw-Hill Medical

Figure 2: Anterior-posterior chest radiograph in upright position, with the VAP appropriately

1 Biconcave fracture of L1 in an 86-year-old woman with

Pain Killer with Skull and Crossbones Etching, When Pain Kills

Home Treatment of Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Fibromyalgia and More

Unauthorized use of this program or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent ...

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A new injectable drug called tezepelumab was shown to reduce serious attacks by around two-

Are Opiates Really That Bad for Fibromyalgia?

Since her pain was upper abdomen and involved the R lower lungfield a silicone embolus was considered. How common is a silicone embolus?

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