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A group of emus is known as a mob Birds t Emu Bird

A group of emus is known as a mob Birds t Emu Bird


A group of emus is known as a mob.

Mob of emus Did you know the collective noun for a group of emus is a mob? This mob of about 80 were spotted in Packsaddle, NSW. ABC Open contributor Ruth ...

Emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae)

mob group of emus 10 Bizarre Names for a Group of Animals

A group of emus is called a “mob.”

They also go to great lengths to provide their birds—even ones raised for processing—with an excellent quality of life. “They are livestock, but we still ...

Emu can be fun, interesting, even affectionate and make good hobby farm pets IF hand raised by you (they imprint). Or at least raised by some human…

I want a free roaming population of them for meat, leather, feathers, and eggs

The Emu - Dromaius novaehollandiae, is the largest bird native to Australia. The soft-feathered, flightless birds reach up to 2 metres (6.6 ft) in height.

A beautiful group of emus who are drinking

Emus have been denounced as the dumbest birds. Picture: Claudia Baxter

The emus proved a more formidable foe than anyone predicted. Picture: Supplied

This emu is named Stan. Photo: Lisa Maree Williams (Getty Images)


An Australian mainland emu.


A pack of emus. Eduardo Mariz via Wikimedia. At top — Australian soldiers fire a Lewis machine gun during World War I. Photo via Wikimedia

Three little Emu chicks recently hatched at the Berlin Zoo. Emu pairs breed from October to April, usually producing one emerald green egg every three days ...

An Emu bird in its outdoor enclosure in the Duisburg zoo, northwestern Germany. Emus

Stalked by an emu in a bayou game farm

Emu chick! My Mom had over 40 Emus in the 90's as it was the newest next big thing in farming! I loved those birds so much! They are very curious and ...


... are happy with their mob—that's the technical term for a herd or group of emus—which has grown over the past six years to more than 70 birds. The ...

Should we add emus to our diet?

*Insert awesome BGM here.*

Police nearly had their feathers ruffled when they had to chase down a mob of escaping emus in Virginia. (Photo, Prince William County Police)

An emu

As the guide leapt to his feet, the inquisitive birds scattered

Available Emu Chicks

The emu war: Australia's forgotten battle against bird kind - Starts at 60

Don't be fooled by the eyes. That's the face of a remorseless killer.

Ancient Australian technique to lure emus revealed in video | Daily Mail Online

Emus have taken over Longreach after prolonged hot weather. Picture: Lachie MillardSource:News Corp Australia

A mob of emus have been spotted strutting around a Queensland outback town

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A beautiful group of emus who are drinking

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A beautiful group of emus who are drinking

Emus in their pen at the Wild Rose Emu Ranch in Hamilton, Mont. The popularity of emu oil has kept some ranches from closing. Credit Tony Demin for The New ...

Emus have also developed a body structure that will accommodate wide variations in climate. They can tolerate high temperatures and also cold winters with ...

It's almost more surprising there haven't been more fatalities given the number of birds on the road and their propensity for unpredictable movement when ...

This Seams Interesting: EMU WAR

Mayor Owens explained, “Out in the paddocks, there is not a lot of food for them, because emus ...

Emu poking its head in our car window.

I know exactly who would win ...

Emu at Monarto Zoo, South Australia


Caged: The escaped emu was kept in a garden until the owner was able to

A beautiful group of emus who are drinking

OWB0038 Emu male with four juveniles

Emus Dromaius novaehollandiae near Esperance, Western Australia.

The manoeuvre is thought to be an old Aboriginal trick to catch an emu - a


We do not currently have emus available for purchase. Please contact us to reserve chicks in the Spring.

Remembering the Great Emu War

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A mob of emu (yup, that's what a group of emu is called).

A beautiful group of emus who are drinking

Male Emu with babies, Monarto Zoo, South Australia

Ssevere drought conditions afre forcing Emus into the town. Picture: Lachie Millard


EMU 3 FB page

Betty Forster greets Emus outside her home in Longreach as they come in looking for a feed and a drink.

On December 10, after jokes in the media, and cabinet officials proposing giving out medals in honor of the emus' valor, Meredith and company were recalled.

Staff at Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, Florida, debuted two emu chicks that were hand-reared from birth by zoo staff. According to zoo officials, the chicks ...

Ropes Crossing emus being relocated to safer sites after boundary fence vandalism | News Local

The Great Emu War

Moving Mature Birds in 2015

Trying to take some unconventional pictures of the emu, the US backpacker was instead surprised

Emus in aviary, Pinnaroo Caravan Park

An emu visits a suburban front yard near Ropes Crossing. Picture: Nicole Gallagher

Copy link to paste in your message. The emu ...

Wild emus out of Broken Hill

Juvenile ...

Baby Emu video

Australian Emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae) close-up portrait collection. - Stock Image

undefined · Holding an emu egg

Emu head.jpg



At left — Australian soldiers test fire the Lewis. At right — the enemy up close. Photos via Wikimedia

The moment an emu tried to mate with a US backpacker in the Australian outback | Daily Mail Online

New attraction: The chicks were born earlier this month to a pair of emu birds

Large groups of emus have taken over the town. Picture: Lachie Millard

Remember, remember. . . the 10th of December.

Emus are well adapted to Australian conditions (Source: Kip Venn/)

Two Emus, Dromaius novaehollandiae, walking, isolated on white background.The emu is