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A beekeeper and an industry under threat Did you Know t

A beekeeper and an industry under threat Did you Know t


Did you know that around a third of our supermarket shelves would be empty were it not for the humble honey bee?

Kennedy Warne

Beekeeping at Ashbrow School.

A beekeeper at work in Thousands Oaks, California, in June 2015.

What are the 3 basics to start beekeeping? Part 3 – 6 Essential Pieces of Info About Beekeeping

2, 2015 photo taken in Langley, Wash., shows a beekeeper pulling frames from a box to check honey and larvae production. Marking the hives and frames with a ...

They certainly would if the beekeeper didn't take precautions like using a smoker and wearing a bee suit. The get-up isn't just a fashion statement.

Helping the honeybee: a local beekeeper tells his story

To prevent widespread disease, inspectors need to know where to find all the hives in ...

Jason Pawloski tending to his hives

Honey: Liquid Gold

Warmer winters have Texas bees buzzing, and that's not good

David Leyland lifts frames from his bee hives

Photo By David Lawrence

Backyard Beekeeping: A Rewarding Hobby

Honey wars: crime and killings in New Zealand's booming manuka industry | World news | The Guardian

Patrick Pynes is president of the Northern Arizona Organic Beekeepers Association in Flagstaff. In this

May 5th, 2016. A beginner's guide to beekeeping

'Suddenly it was total mayhem': Australian inventors celebrate success of revolutionary bee hive

By the time the bee tourists are zipping into beekeepers' signature white full-body suits and donning hats, gloves, and netting, they're well aware of ...

... different stressors on the hives, at once, and these translate into stresses on our beekeeping industry, which may ultimately play a role in a threat to ...

Maryland Lawmakers Vote To Allow Beekeepers To Shoot Black Bears That Threaten Hives

A digital beehive could warn beekeepers when their hives are under attack

A beekeeper and an industry under threat

Greenville's ...

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Orin Johnson checks a small portion of his 500 bee colonies in the foothills around Hughson

Killer Bees: "Africanized Bee Alert" 1985 USDA; Threat to US Beekeepers & Honey Industry

Honey wars: crime and killings in New Zealand's booming manuka industry | World news | The Guardian

As popularity of urban beekeeping grows, so do the bee population fuelling fears that there

What We Now Know – and Don't Know — About Honeybees and Colony Collapse Disorder

“Bees are reasonably gentle creatures and not the crazed stinging predators that some people think. “

Bees are active all winter and must keep feeding to stay warm and keep the hive at a appropriate temperature. Beekeeper Max Martin discusses the challenges ...

What everyone is seeking is the wholesomeness of the product, the fact that it can be bought locally, and can be traced to the local producer.”


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service told The Associated Press it was adding the bee to the endangered list, and would develop a recovery plan encouraging ...

Beekeeping Training Wheels, the Mini Urban Beehive by Eco Bee Box visit http://www.ecobeebox.com

Noah Wilson-Rich with beehive

Beekeeping 101

Do you know the optimal amount of space to give your #bees? #beekeeping

Interest in bees is high, but threats to the pollinators remain

Courtesy Larry Gilliland |

Honey wars: crime and killings in New Zealand's booming manuka industry | World news | The Guardian

The most interactive experience, however, lies within the vibrant fields of lavender at Central California's Carmel Valley Ranch.

This week we are talking about Proposed Manuka Rules and a new mite threat to look out for ( as if we haven't got enough to lookout for !! ).

TOOLs: have a container or 'tool-box' for your equipment. This will keep your tools in one place and off the ground. Have an Anti-Septic cream on hand for ...

Farm practices seen as threat to beekeepers

Beekeepers stress the need for industry newcomers to be trained in disease and pest management

South county beekeeper stresses the importance of honeybees in ecosystem - Capital Gazette

At night, bees typically switch off and rest in their hives. But during the


There are at least 225 beekeepers operating in Nova Scotia.

Bee Culture Magazine's new beginner's magazine entitled BEEkeeping Your First Three Years. A quarterly, newsstand-only offering, the very first issue has ...

Beekeeper Byron Rice for Green (copy)

Video: Young beekeepers - the new generation bringing back British bees - Telegraph

Beekeeping is growing in popularity, and you don't need to have a giant yard or live in a rural area to participate. Urban beekeepers are popping up all ...

Flies such as the Southern Bee-killer and the Texas Bee-killer are known to eat bees. If they come after your hive, there's nothing to do but move it to a ...

It's also a good idea to repair or paint any equipment needed for the upcoming honey production months.

Powdered sugar, you ask?

The western bumblebee (Bombus occidentalis) is one of several North American bumblebee species that has suffered sharp declines in recent years.

The number of bee hives in New Zealand has grown rapidly.

“Well, that's why we have to feed [the bees] the corn syrup...the same thing they put in Coke and Pepsi!” —Dean Burroughs(Photograph by Charles Steck)

12-year-old beekeeper Tom Thomson dressed in protective clothing with bees on a

Neil Trent pries opens a bee hive for inspection in an almond orchard Tuesday, Feb

The number of hives in Nova Scotia has grown by about 7,800 since 2012 — about a 44 per cent increase.

... to safeguard Dan explaining the hives

The honeybee industry contributes to the Nova Scotia agricultural economy through the production of honey,

Greenville beekeeper reassembles his backyard beehive after an examination. Photo by Andrew Moore.

In The Eye Of The Swarm: The Beekeepers Of Iceland - The Reykjavik Grapevine

Credit John Davis, WGCU. “

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backyard beekeeping 3

A swarm of bees in a tree, photo undated | Photo courtesy of Casey Lofthouse

Getting Started Keeping Honeybees ~ Lovely Greens | The Beauty of Country Living

How to Clean Beehives After an Attack of Wax Moths

Once the queen cage is on place, you can finish loading the deep with the frames ...

A sea of honeybees (top); Al Moreno (left) and apprentice Miranda Clementel

'Have we lost our mind,' one beekeeper wrote, 'spraying poison from the sky?' Photograph: Gemunu Amarasinghe/AP

Geoff Williams' research aims to look into the threats to honeybees and to the bee industry in Alabama. Auburn University photo

Mass of bees on timber frames

A bee pollinates a blossom in the almond orchard on Paramount Farms in McFarland,

Greenville beekeeper Matt Putnam prepares to lift a frame from his backyard beehive. Photo by Andrew Moore.

Life At Cisco

Greenville resident Matt Putnam examines a frame of capped honeycomb and brood from one of his backyard beehives. Photo by Andrew Moore.

Stephen Repasky, owner of Meadow Sweet Apiaries, inspects a hive Friday at Dundee Farm

Wayne Andrews, a member of the Briston County BeeKeepers Association, displayed the bees in

'Beekeeping has been neglected by successive governments over the last 20 to 30 years.' (Ben Murphy)

Our hard working girls reacting to puffs from a bee smoker and gorging on freshly exposed #raw honey in preparation for the possible fire danger.

A beekeeper tending to his hive. Photograph: Matt Cardy/Getty

If you think the threat to honeybees is something that is only happening in the United States, you would be sadly mistaken. Bees all around the world are ...

Declining Bee Populations - A Threat To The Human Race?

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Feli Khumalo shows off one of his beehives