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A Minuet of Galaxies This troupe of four galaxies known as

A Minuet of Galaxies This troupe of four galaxies known as


A Minuet of Galaxies. A Minuet of Galaxies. This troupe of four galaxies, known as ...

HCG 87- a small group of Galaxies.

Hickson Compact Group 87: A Minuet of Four Galaxies

Group Of Galaxies Called “Stephan's Quintet.” The Quintet Is A Prototype of A

Dark matter living in galaxy clusters doesn't splatter when the galaxies collide, according to new research. The finding suggests dark matter particles, ...

It is a stretch of galaxies that forms part of the Virgo Cluster. It is called a chain because, when viewed from Earth, the galaxies lie ...

The Virgo Cluster of Galaxies is the closest cluster of galaxies to our Milky Way Galaxy

These Are Some of the Most Ancient and Distant Galaxies Ever Discovered—And They'

Galaxy NGC at right in this image, appears severly distorted as the galaxy to the left, PGC interacts with it. NGC 218 lies more than 500 million light ...

This troupe of four galaxies, known as Hickson Compact Group 87 (HCG 87), is performing an intricate dance orchestrated by the mutual gravitational…

This troupe of four galaxies, known as Hickson Compact Group 87 (HCG 87), is performing an intricate dance orchestrated by the mutual gravitational…

Large number of dwarf galaxies discovered in the early universe UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA RIVERSIDE 11/

The barred spiral galaxy NGC 6217 was the first celestial object snapped by the newly repaired Advanced Camera for Surveys aboard Hubble. The galaxy lies ...

The HST exposures of the winning target were then acquired in July 1999 by the Hubble Heritage Team and guest astronomers Sally Hunsberger (Lowell ...

The Lost Ancestors to Our Milky Way Galaxy

In the image to the left, the full overview of the galaxy cluster Abell 2218 is seen. This image was taken by Hubble in 1999 at the completion of Hubble ...

Find this Pin and more on Galaxy.

NASA's Hubble Looks to the Final Frontier

... 67.

Hubble Uncovers a Galaxy Pair Coming in from the Wilderness

Galaxies ...

Gravitational Lens Helps Hubble and Keck Discover Galaxy Building Block

Telescopes Unveil View of Remote, Massive Galaxy Cluster

Gravitational Lens Captures Image of Primeval Galaxy

Hubble Captures the Beating Heart of the Crab Nebula

Hubble Detects Giant 'Cannonballs' Shooting from Star

Galaxy Collisions in Distant Cluster

Agence France-Presse

Hubble's Journey to the Center of Our Galaxy

A grazing encounter between two spiral galaxies

NASA's Hubble Telescope Makes First Atmospheric Study of Earth-Sized Exoplanets


NASA's Hubble Finds Universe Is Expanding Faster Than Expected

Our Solar System's First Known Interstellar Object Gets Unexpected Speed Boost

This infrared image from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope shows the Helix Nebula, a cosmic starlet often photographed by amateur astronomers for its vivid ...

A nearby galaxy, NGC 1448, which was discovered to have an actively accreting supermassive black hole that has been hiding behind extremely thick clouds of ...

NASA and STScI Select Hubble Fellows for 2016


Hubble Confirms New Dark Spot on Neptune

Gravitational Lensing

STScI photo of OΣ 298 with labels added, east & west reversed to match the

Central Bulges of Spiral Galaxies (Hubble and Ground-Based Views)

Central Bulges of Spiral Galaxies- NGC 7537 (Hubble NICMOS and WFPC2 View)

Central bulges of spiral galaxies - NGC 5838 (ground-based image)

Comet 332P/Ikeya-Murakami survived for 4.5 billion years in the frigid Kuiper Belt, a vast reservoir of icy bodies on the outskirts of our solar system.

Starry Bulges Yield Secrets to Galaxy Growth (Hubble and Ground-Based View)

The growth of bulges in spiral galaxies

Picture. “

Chandra Maps Cosmic Pressure Fronts

Space Telescope Science Institute to Host Data from World's Largest Digital Sky Survey

This four panel figure shows the image, photometry, and


Behemoth Black Hole Found in an Unlikely Place

Photo of 12 Galaxies - San Francisco, CA, United States. Frank Chu -

HubbleSite: News – Hubble Spies Giant Star Clusters Near Galactic Center

HubbleSite: News – Symbiotic Star Blows Bubbles into Space

HubbleSite: News – Hubble Identifies Source of Ultraviolet Light in an Old Galaxy


The price of Photo of 12 Galaxies - San Francisco, CA, United States.

Primitive cluster of galaxies. Astronomers are a bit like archeologists as ...

HubbleSite: News – A Butterfly-Shaped “Papillon” Nebula Yields Secrets of Massive Star Birth

Photo of 12 Galaxies - San Francisco, CA, United States. The price of ...

Gaia's all-sky view of our Milky Way Galaxy and neighbouring galaxies. Photo: AFP/European Space Agency

Dense stellar cluster may show how massive galaxies get their start. Even the mightiest galaxies start life as a small seed. Now researchers think they've ...

... Cloud of Sun Energy of Balance in UK, Feb 2016. Sun energy consists of all colored vibrations. Photo below: Sun Beam connecting galaxies in Cosmos!

Milky Way

Over the past 20 years, the explosion of discoveries of planets orbiting other stars has sparked the search for ...

Hickson 44 Galaxy Group


HUBBLE THURSDAY 12 AUGUST 2010. (Nucleus of Galaxy Centaurus A)

Is it only because our brains cannot perceive the actual motion of the universe? Is it because we're actually embedded in a hologram, flashing, massive, ...

This is a narrative walkthrough of Galaxy Angel .

How these galaxies, solar systems, planets came into existence? What was there before it? How it all came into existence?

HubbleSite: News – Hubble Heritage Project's First Anniversary

The "Rotten Egg" Nebula: A Planetary Nebula in the Making

Astronomers may have detected first starlight

It mathematically expresses the way plants grow, galaxies spiral, and is seen as a key to the grand design of the universe. It is known as the "golden ...

WE HAVE LIFTOFF -- NASA scientists are astounded at the photos being sent back from the Hubble Telescope showing some of the oldest galaxies known to exist.

It was a pleasure to have Brother Guy Consolmagno of the Vatican Observatory Foundation call in this evening at the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium and ...

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The Bubble Nebula Original Image Credit: NASA #astrophotography #spacephotography #galaxyphotography #astronomy

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Like Earth, But Way Faster: Exoplanet Discovered Revolving Around its Star Five Times a Day

Picture desk live: the best news pictures of the day | News | The Guardian

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Current and Future Data

Space Mountain has a temporary overlay for Halloween, called "Ghost Galaxy.

A photo of the center of the Coma Galaxy Cluster. The bright spherical shape is


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Photo of 12 Galaxies - San Francisco, CA, United States. From the balcony

If you were given the choice to go back in time, and change something, or finish the work assigned to you before you have even started it through a shortcut ...