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A Free Speech Movement begins on the University of California

A Free Speech Movement begins on the University of California


1964: A Free Speech Movement begins on the University of California, Berkeley, campus under the leadership of Bettina Aptheker, Mario Savio, ...

Has the message of the Free Speech Movement been lost? An interview with FSM veteran Sam Farber

Berkeley's Campus Free Speech Movement at 50

Students Vs. the State: The True History of the Free Speech Movement

The fight over free speech on campus

Radicals Revisited: Eyewitnesses to Berkeley's Free Speech Movement Mark 50th Anniversary | California Magazine

University of California students and sympathizers of the Free Speech Movement are sealed off behind police in front of Sproul Hall in Berkeley on Dec.

Mario Savio gestures during a 1964 Free Speech Movement rally at UC Berkeley.

Mario Savio, right, speaks at a "Peoples Park" free-speech

It's time to free speech on campus again – University of California – Medium

The Free Speech Movement: civil disobedience in Berkeley 1964

Marchers carrying Free Speech sign at UC Berkeley in 1964. Image courtesy of UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library. Photographer: Steven Marcus.

Money Talks: The Cost of Free Speech on Campus

1964 Free Speech at UC Berkeley

NBC Bay Area Special – The Free Speech Movement

Mario Savio speaking from the top of the police car

In reaction to the December 3, 1964, Sproul Hall arrests, students and teachers on the UC campus went on strike through the ninth of December.

BERKELEY, CA - SEPTEMBER 24: Protesters shout at each other during a free speech

Activist Kate Coleman (center) in the 1964 CBS News documentary "The Berkeley Rebels

Mario Savio

Vice Media co-founder and conservative speaker Gavin McInnes reads a speech written by Ann

Berkeley FSM

A Berkley student addresses protesters standing atop the crushed roof of a campus police car during the third day of Free Speech Movement demonstrations in ...

In so doing, they manifested the power and persistence of historical memory, and how that memory is, at best, a graduated blend of reality and myth.

Illustrative: Muslim students at an anti-Israel protest at the University of California,

UC free speech

The Free Speech Movement at 50

Protesters shout before conservative commentator Ben Shapiro begins his speech at the campus of the University of California at Berkeley in September.

Free Speech Movement documentary

The Free Speech Movement of 1964. by Rhae Lynn Barnes. View of students seated in Sproul Plaza. November 1964. UC Berkeley, University Archives.

Faces of Protest: Student pickets support the student-faculty strike protesting demonstrators' arrests on Dec. 7. Kechely, Don. Dec. 7, 1964. UC Berkeley ...


... Movement Now Hotbed of Free Speech Suppression. image

Chemerinsky and Gillman create free speech checklist for college administrators

Today in history

Eight students suspended on Sept 30th for operating a table on campus .

Leader Mario Savio sounding off

A man looks on as opposing factions gather over the cancelation of conservative commentator Ann Coulter's

View of students in Sproul Plaza surrounding police car, October 1, 1964. Mario Savio speaking from roof of car

Protestors watch a bonefire on Sproul Plaza during a rally against the scheduled speaking appearance by


University Library at UC Berkeley...basically my dream college library.


... thousands of students marched at Sproul Hall in the University of California, Berkeley as a protest against the restrictions on political speech and ...

Free Speech Movement newsletter. As an undergraduate at the University of California ...

... 2014 Mario Savio (center) at a rally, December 7, 1964 (Steven Marcus photograph, The Bancroft Library)

Click image to zoom in.

Aftermath of protests against Milo Yiannopoulos at Berkeley in February. (Reuters photo: Stephen Lam) ...

Free Speech Movement Cafe located on the UC Berkeley campus.

Brian Turner speaking from top of police car by Steven Marcus

... and social debate since the colonial era. By the 1960s, rising civil unrest bouyed the Free Speech Movement at the University of California, Berkeley.

On December 3, 1964, eight hundred participants in the Free Speech Movement were arrested in Sproul Hall on the University of California, Berkeley campus.

Police Car Arrives at Sproul 10-1-1964

UC Berkeley, birthplace of the growing anti-free speech movement

Jack Weinberg in the back seat of the police car

A man gets sprayed with a chemical irritant as multiple fights break out between Trump supporters

Summer 2018 – Our Town

A Free Speech Battle at the Birthplace of a Movement at BerkeleyA Free Speech Battle at the Birthplace of a Movement at Berkeley

Viewpoints are shared before a campus visit by Milo Yiannopoulis. (UC Berkeley / Khaled


Jack Weinberg atop car by Steven Marcus

Free Speech Movement, People's Park, and Anit-War Protests

At the U. of California at Berkeley this year, students and others protested an appearance by the conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos.

A war of words begins at the start of Free Speech Week outside Sather Gate at the U.C Berkeley campus on Sunday, Sept. 25, 2017, in Berkeley, Calif.

UC Berkeley — home of the free speech movement — finds itself under fire from left, right and Trump

Police and officials block protesters from a University of Notre Dame hall where Charles Murray was

Demonstrators showed up to both support and oppose an appearance by right-wing provocateur Milo

Student Organizers Cancel 'Free Speech Week' Events at UC Berkeley

NYU professor Robert Cohen speaks at Berkeley about Free Speech Movement history. (UC Berkeley photo by Hulda Nelson)

A history of free speech on campus

Classes Are Over But The Campus Free Speech Debate Still Rages - First Amendment Watch

Martin Luther King Jr. speaks at U.C. Berkeley on May 17, 1967. The

Conservative activist Kyle Chapman is surrounded by police and demonstrators after a planned speech by Ben

Sproul Hall with FSM signs hanging over the balconies. A student holds the American flag on the south balcony

ADD TO YOUR BOOKSHELF. Reflections on the UC Berkeley Free Speech Movement ...

Ann Coulter says she is no longer speaking at UC Berkeley

Trump supporters and protesters clash during competing demonstrations at Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park in Berkeley, Calif., on April 15.