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The swoosh in this logo shows emphasis and even movement. It is like an exclamation, so I think this logo is both embellished and shows visual punctuation.

This is an embellished word. Burger RestaurantRestaurant LogosLogo Ideas PunctuationAesthetics

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This logo is an embellished word.

(The word Edge has visual substitution...) I love words that act

The University of Virginia is one of the many schools where students of K12 International Academy. Sports LogosUniversity ...

Golden Spade. '

Vanderbilt University Commodores headed to Baseball Super Regionals. Go Sec! Sorry Vandy, I was looking forward to cheer you in the CWS.

DeviantArt Logo

Beyond the Pixels helped Connect People with their naming and brand strategy.

TGI Fridays Logo

Corporate Logo Design

Corporate Logo Design

Corporate Logo Design


Auburn University is one of the many schools where students of K12 International Academy have been

Netflix Logo

It looks like water and it is acting out what it is. This is an example of letter form embellishment.

The Original Names And Logos Of 12 Famous Companies

Logo for the global online tournament "War Thunder League" at the world famous online

Top 10 Satanic Symbols Hidden in Logos

Famous Design Copycat Scandals

What makes the new Pizza Hut logo work is that it holds onto the past while still keeping with modern design trends. Pizza Hut has always been known for its ...

JCPenney Logo

Corporate Logo Design

We Bet You Can't Name These Tricky Punctuation Marks!

This is cool. It shows both word embellishment and visual substitution and the glass is

Arizona Diamondbacks: Did you ever notice that the head of the snake forms a “D” and a “B”?


If you look at the back of the logo, you will notice tire treads. The logo is not named after the popular bathtub friend. The name derives from Akron being ...

The most controversial logos ever?

Corporate Logo Design

After examining a recent spate of bad logo redesigns, we felt that it was time to reflect upon 15 of the most inappropriate and idiotic logo fails ever.

Top 10 Best (and Worst) Logo Redesign Examples Ever

Corporate Logo Design



Josh Moore

What is the best punctuation mark?

Corporate Logo Design

7 Great Tips for a Logo Redesign Pin This Graphic

#10 Disney (666 in logo)

20 Art Deco Fonts to Create Retro Logos, Posters, and Websites

Corporate Logo Design

Retro logos are back!

It's understandable why Marriott Hotels would want to redesign their logo to represent one unified image, since that's commonplace in the hotel industry.

Adidas Logo Conquering the mountain

At first glance, MailChimp's logo redesign might not appear to be a redesign at all; the old and new logos look almost exactly alike.

“As observers of the industry, it's easy for us to be like, 'Oh, man, we've seen this so many times before.'” Paul told me. “But we have step back too and ...

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Corporate Logo Design

Punctuation can save lives. That's right, kids. Take this to heart.

Corporate Logo Design. The latest Vodafone identity is a ...

... the curls from the man in the moon in 1991.

When Marissa Mayer took over as the new CEO of Yahoo, she made a big stink over changing the logo—going as far as to unveil 30 different logo designs over ...

Don't worry if your initial reaction to this logo redesign for AirBnB was to giggle like a 13-year-old boy who just discovered he could write dirty words on ...

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We can admit that a few of us around the Company Folders office were shocked to discover that the Bacardi logo had actually been a bat the entire time.

Of all the punctuation marks, periods are perhaps the most basic. Chances are we learned about periods back in primary school when we first began to string ...

The Economist asks: What is the role of the male in modern culture?

Corporate Logo Design

A logo is an image that is supposed to be the representation of an organization. The logo's job is to give off the same energy you would want people to ...

We love that we are setting a trend (so we think) in using murky punctuation as a logo ”“ it is a conversation starter in every airport; much more than a ...

I've looked at the ...

The set is nice, and I like the Teal player banners that Topps used for this design. The team logo at the end of the banner is a nice punctuation mark for ...

Punctuation and Capital letters

The most critical note Paul strikes in The Story Behind the Nickname appears from time to time when he asks team officials if fans know the nickname origin ...

Retro logo design: Vintage branding best practices and inspiration

Corporate Logo Design

Check you are doing these things right.

Marty Hick has set up a Christmas tree decorated with NFL helmets, with the league logo as the tree topper.

... seriously painstaking process when you multiply it by many dozens of logos. He said it was a tremendous pain in the butt.

#5 Google Chrome (666 in logo)

Where Should You Place Your Logo on Your Homepage? Science Gives the Answer

ESPN Plus Logo

Steaua Bucharest

60 Free Retro and Vintage Fonts

It's not always easy to know whether your team is doing everything you ask them to. How do you know everything is on track? Are you sure your team is taking ...

The set is nice, and I like the Teal player banners that Topps used for this design. The team logo at the end of the banner is a nice punctuation mark for ...

#7 Lucius (666 in logo)

Smart Quotes are Killing the Apostrophe. How a software innovation doomed the inverted comma

#1 Procter and Gamble (horns and 666)


Patriots logo

For those keeping score at home there are now six teams wearing 3D logos (all except the Dodgers are new for 2017): Braves, Cardinals, Dodgers, Nats, ...

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UMW; 17.

In covering the independent Lincoln Saltdogs, Paul tackles the City Adjective Noun format directly. “It was a matter of whether we were going to be called ...

This chapter will divide them into two types: fundamental punctuation marks and special punctuation marks. You will learn what each one is for in the rest ...

Marketing | 5 min read

Coasca 4 page leaflet

The Typographer's Dream Bundle: 33 Outstanding Quality Fonts Just $29

The Definitive Type Lovers Collection Font bundle

punctuation matters

#4 Monster Energy Drink (666 in Hebrew)