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8quot Gun at Camp Carroll near DMZ Camp Carroll was also known as

8quot Gun at Camp Carroll near DMZ Camp Carroll was also known as


... Vietnam war 1968 - American Tank At Camp Carroll Near The DMZ | by manhhai

Entrance to a dual blade bunker at Camp Carroll FSB in vietnam. HD Stock Footage - YouTube

Camp Carroll is located just south of Highway 9, and about 12 miles west of


An 8 inch howitzer emplacement of the 2nd Battalion 94th Field Artillery at Camp Carroll, Vietnam. The gun itself is named 'Blood, Sweat & Tears' 1970.

“Misanthrope” of the Platoon, Bravo Company, Tank Battalion in Camp Carroll.

Richard was a communications-wire man for the Marine artillery battery "K-4-12" at Camp Carroll in Vietnam from March 1967 to March 1968.

Map showing Camp Carroll's location near the DMZ

This looks like Camp Carroll. My unit, Echo/2/4 was just

A monument marks the entrance to Camp Carroll, a Marine Corps artillery base. (

Da Nang-Hue-DMZ (6 Days)

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In 1968 The Armies 175 MM guns at Camp Carroll where awesome. They would rattle your teeth especially when they had a fire

Raid from Carroll - Jan 1971

Camp Casey, Dongducheon, South Korea

Camp Carroll 1967, Marines, Vietnam War

Camp Carroll is located on the south east portion of South Korea, in Waegwan, close to the city of Daegu. It is named after Sergeant First Class Charles F. ...

In 1992 the 6th Ordnance Battalion relocated to Camp Carroll. Later Camp Ames closed.

The locations and coverage zones of US Army Patriot batteries deployed in the ROK can be seen in the image below. The Camp Carroll garrison facility is also ...

68, Camp Carroll.

A map of the Vietnamese DMZ, Route Nine and a number of US Military outposts: Khe Sanh, the Rockpile, Con Thien, Camp Carroll, Dong Ha, Gio Linh, ...

Camp Carroll, South Korea

Citizens from the South Korean city of Chunchon said goodbye to U.S. soldiers serving at Camp Page in a ceremony last week marking the end of a 54-year ...

Camp Casey, S. Korea - my husband is on a year there (march cant come soon enough) its changed alot since this picture was taken though :)

It's half eight when we set off – first stop Camp Carroll, along highway nine, the US road across Vietnam below the DMZ. Originally a rough track this was ...

... of Khe Sanh--------- Khe Sanh is located in Quang Tri Province,near DMZ and Hoh Chi Minh Road( border of Laos.)

Khe Sanh. An Army 175mm M107 at Camp Carroll provides fire support for ...

Gun 1 Camp JJ Carroll Vietnam 67 68

Vietnam DMZ Camp Carroll

Soldiers compete for best warrior titles at S. Korea's sustainment hub

Camp Carroll. US bases in Korea

Aerial view of Camp Carroll during the war. (Photo: USACMH)

1968 Marines Vietnam Killo Btry 4/12 Marines Camp JJ Carroll DMZ

The camp is named after Corporal Clinton Greaves of Company C, 9th U.S. Cavalry, who fought off a band of Apaches in 1879 to save fellow cavalrymen.


... Dong Ha Combat Base ...

This area was known as Leatherneck Square because of the Marines situated in the surrounding bases at Con Thien, Gio Linh, Dong Ha and Cam Lo.

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Incoming again on the hill Army's got 5 KIA and Marines a lot of wounded. It goes on day after day we all know but that is just the way it is sooner or ...

Unlike Khe Sanh, Camp Carroll is a place where tapioca plants and rubber trees now grow. As we walked up the hill we came upon a gun emplacement where 175mm ...

Our objective for our day was to explore the sites of those bases without loosing any body parts. Departing Hue, we headed up Rt. 1 to Dong Ha, a Marine ...

DMZ Turkey Shoot

Marsden Matting at a camp lined with GP tents. A watchtower is visible in the

Image result for Camp Carroll Vietnam 1968

Vietnam, DMZ Area. Quang Tri Province, Khe Sanh, monument to the Vietnam

The range has gone on to train thousands of soldiers each year living up to the honor shown by the range's namesake CPL Einar Ingman.

PFC Washington

Creighton AbramsVisits Camp Carroll ...

Camp Carroll once stood here and the 175mm guns on the concrete pads below

Hue-DMZ-Hue: Fullday (L)

4--Camp Carroll FSB near Dong Ha, Oct 69.jpg

DMZ BBS Results - Agent Orange Used In Dmz '68-'69 David Benbow - Korean War Project

The Western Corridor camps are located to the west of the main US military hubs in Dongducheon and Uijongbu near the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) that separates ...

Army Task Force (TF) Oregon was organized as a multi-brigade force.

B Battery headed back to JJ Carroll from the Rockpile along QL9

This is dedicated to all those who served on the Korea DMZ from 1954 to We did a duty, most never knew about or will never understand!

Rod Fink and Walking Dead logo info 2!! final8x10_Web72

Marines Vietnam War at Dong Ha Mountain? Rockpile? Somewhere near the DMZ?

map 2 northern quang tri province

Camp Carroll, DMZ

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It was named Camp J.J. Carroll in honor of Marine Captain J.J. Carroll, who was killed on Hill 484 during Operation Prairie. Captain Carroll was Company ...

By now most of America has some knowledge of the 77 daylong siege of the Marines at Khe Sanh in 1968. It was an important event in the war because of there ...

There are two different Burger King locations, a Popeye's Chicken, Dunkin Donuts, Anthony's Pizza, and a Taco Bell.


Naval ...

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Monument to the North Vietnamese capture of Camp Carroll in 1972. Camp Carroll was the home base for the 3rd Marine Regiment from 1966-1970.

This mix and match bastard outfit of Marines, Army and Sailors under Capt. Sullivan did one hell of a job. Hand Salute !

An American 175mm projectile blasts from a gun at Camp Carroll in the Qang Tri province

Image result for Camp Carroll Vietnam War

Bombs ...

June 1966 The PAVN regiment that had begun the fighting at the Dak To CIDG camp/ARVN base at Tou Morong on June 6 escapes to the safety of its Laotian base.

map of south vietnam with camps

House, 56, a burly, deep-voiced man with a long beard and ponytail who was stationed at Camp Carroll in South Korea, suffers from diabetes, liver disease, ...

A US made M-60 machine gun sits on the firing line

The Home Front. "

DMZ of Vietnam, North of Hue

Rusty tank in the DMZ

There's nothing left of Camp Carroll except a few concrete foundations where the guns used to be. Occasional sandbags can be seen.

The net result was that virtually all the operations named Prairie spanned the breadth of the area south of the DMZ. It became an “area operation.

Lt. Gen. Walker (left) confers with Maj. Gen. William F. Dean, Commander Ground Forces in Korea, on 7 July 1950

Image of now-closed Camp Howze, in the now-extinct Western Corridor, South Korea. My husband and I said many goodbyes here as I would head back to my ...


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History of Vinh Moc Tunnels and DMZ

This has turned out to be longer then I expected, but I think it's all

With both dusters out of action, the camp could no longer be defended, so the C/1/44 men shot their way out and fled to Camp Carroll two miles away.

He was at Camp Carroll, a firebase between Khe Sanh and Dong Ha, advising South Vietnamese troops. It was his second tour in Vietnam and things were mostly ...

Close targets: U.S. bases near Seoul

PLEIKU 1965 - Camp Holloway Joined the 219th Headhunters there in Sep of 1968.