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7 Several African Americans are now wellknown due to their

7 Several African Americans are now wellknown due to their


(7) Several African Americans are now well-known due to their athletic talent

Civil rights movement

Dr. Shirley Jackson speaks at a conference in 2011.

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African origins

Here's How to Keep the Momentum Going

Martin Luther King Jr. at a Civil Rights March on Washington, D.C.

Black Codes, Slavery, Civil Rights Movement, Black History

40 Years of Pride

Rosa Parks, of course, became famous after she refused to give up her seat to a white passenger who couldn't find room in the "whites only" section. Many ...

777 Tri-Seven Entertainment Famous African American Actors Poster Art Print, 24" ...

Music[edit]. Main article: African-American music

Frederick Douglass

Zora Neale Hurston was a prominent literary figure during the Harlem Renaissance

Malcolm X, a notable African American Muslim, became a member of the Nation of Islam but later converted to Sunni Islam.

Family in car

Marcus Garvey 1924-08-05.jpg

An African-American man in a black suit, a grey tie, and the

Tales of African-American History Found in DNATales of African-American History Found in DNA. Image. African American ...


Muhammida el-Muhajir says as an African American in the US, she felt she

black or mixed race 19th century girl in ringlets, young Michael Jackson in afro,

Stop Murder by Police

Dandridge family pic | Dorothy Dandridge with her mother, Ruby Dandridge and her sister Vivian.

Engraving depicting the trial of a witch at Salem, Mass.

A 1963 protest placard in the Smithsonian collections could almost be mistaken for any of the Black Lives Matter marches of today

A new book and movie document the accomplishments of NASA's black “human computers” whose work was at the heart of the country's greatest battles

Black Love Is Beautiful

2018 French Open Tennis Tournament. Roland Garros.

Malcolm X in March 1964

Researcher Angela Walton-Raji has been studying African-Native genealogy for over 20 years. The Comanche family pictured here is from the early 1900s.



Look at us now: The black and white twins as they turn seven | Daily Mail Online

"I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.

7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction. - Proverbs only someone white or whitewashed would post this ...

When you choose a bank, do you think about who owns it? Do you think about who gets loans from that bank – and who doesn't? Thousands of Americans started ...

The “War on Drugs” Noam Chomsky (well-known philosopher) Quotes (

Where Are All the Black Baseball Players?

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George Washington Carver Photo

The Role of Genetic Ancestry in Understanding Health Disparities - Tuesday, February 28, 2017, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. | San Diego Reader

Michael McCoy

On April 7, 1940, Booker T. Washington became the 1st African American depicted

The Walking Dead Season 7 Black Negan Leather Jacket

1940. The first black ...

7 Things White People Definitely Didn't Discover But Get Credit for Anyway

"I am currently interested in documenting the incidence of the MC1R gene variant responsible for red hair and freckles, particularly amongst black/mixed ...

President Barack Obama presents Dr. Shirley Jackson with the National Medal of Science in May

german american

Why This Black Girl Will Not Be Returning To The Women's March | HuffPost

When he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, doctors told Fox, star of the classic “Back to the Future” film series, he had 10 years left to work.

7 Must-See Romance Movies Starring Black Actors

Aaliyah (Photo by Chris Walter/WireImage)

She became famous as a member of the R&B musical group Destiny's Child in the late 1990s. She continues to release albums on her own currently.

Katherine Johnson, Wikimedia Commons

Jamie Foxx, with Christoph Waltz, in a scene from Django Unchained

African-American people? How our skin ages more slowly

Roots Kunta Kinte

Same Date, 8 Years Apart: From Emmett Till's Murder to 'I Have a

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - FEBRUARY 27: Chaka Khan attends the 7th annual ESSENCE Black

Michael Jordan is one of the most successful athletes of all time — and one of the richest. Streeter Lecka/Getty

guetty felin.jpg

1 of 11 Allen Berezovsky

attends the "Hidden Figures" premiere during the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival at

(AP Photo/The Hershey Library via the Patriot-News.)

Actual Bruce Lee Facts.

Explore and Support

MLK leads Selma to Montgomery March

Morris Chestnut and Pam Byse

Okay, some of them are tables.

The Undefeated Preview: Season 7, The Walking Dead Premiere

The 15 most offensive things that have come out of Trump's mouth

Famous Former Strippers

Elvis Presley performing at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show in 1956 in Tupelo

Kathleen Cleaver

20 Famous Black Talk Show Hosts

Social media is a very important tool and aspect of our different lives and it has no doubt contributed to getting a lot of Nigerians who are now regarded ...

Disney's #DREAMBIGPRINCESS Aims to Put More Women Behind the Camera

West Indian Day parade.jpg

Children at school

Hairstyles worn by African American women in the 40s, 50s and 60s | Daily Mail Online

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Many black ...

Talking white: Black people's disdain for proper English and academic achievement is a myth.

Image caption Vincent Jacobs, now 80, battled racism as a rodeo rider in the 1950s. "