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32nd GGF Charlemagne39s father Pepin III aka Pepin the Younger

32nd GGF Charlemagne39s father Pepin III aka Pepin the Younger


Charles Martel, Duke and Prince of the Franks and Mayor of the Palace - 32nd Paternal Great Grandfather. Father of Pepin 'the short' and grandfather of ...

Hildegarde de Vintzgau (758 - 30/04/783, Thionville) - 4ème

Robert ll, King of France ~ Robert II, called the Pious or the Wise, was King of the Franks from 996 until his death. The second reigning member of the ...


Edmund II (Ironside)

Egbert, was King of Wessex from 802 until his death in 839. His father was Ealhmund of Kent. In the 780s Egbert was forced into exile by Offa of Mercia and ...

Malcolm III (Máel Coluim mac Donnchada) - King of Scots, 1058-93

Pepin the Short (714-768), King of France.

King Aethelbald (856-860). House of Wessex. He is Queen E's

Clovis II, - Merovingian Frankish King of Neustria and Burgundy. husband of Balthild, father of Chlothar, Childeric Theuderic. Clovis II is my GGF.

Carloman II (866 - 884). King of the West Franks from 879 to · Pepin ...

GGF, "Pépin" Carloman, King of Italy son of Charlemagne and Hildegard.

HRH Robert II, King of Scotland, of House of Stewart, Earl of Strathearn, High Steward of Scotland Great Grand Father

King Merovech of Salian Franks - 41st Paternal Great Grandfather and Father of Childeric I.

Arnulf II, Count of Flanders ,son of Baldwin II of Flanders and Mathilde of Saxony.

Queen Bertrada II of Laon, wife of King Pepin the Short Great Grandmother

Saint Genevieve is the patroness of Paris. At the age of seven, under the

Malcolm III King of Scotland 1031 - son of Duncan I and father of Matilda of Scotland,wife of King Henry I g Grandfather

Ordoño IV, called the Wicked or the Bad (c. 926–Córdoba, c. 962 or 963) was the king of León from 958 until 960, interrupting the reign of Sancho the Fat ...

Alfred the Great, King of Wessex (849-899) 36th Great Grandfather

William the Conqueror born 1028, died September 9th, 1087. Married to Matilda of Flanders in 1053. Matilda was born in 1032 and died November 2nd, 1083.

King Louis VIII "the Lion" of France. September 8 November My great grandfather. He was the son of King Philip II of France and Isabelle of Hainaut.

De Vermandois Herbert II Count

Enrique II de Inglaterra: El hombre que gobernó desde Escocia hasta los Pirineos

FULK The Rude Leader of one of the crusades, crowned King of Jerusalem in Father of Geoffrey le Plantagenet, who married Matilda, the heiress of Henry I of ...

GGF Pépin III (c. 714 – 24 September was King of the Franks from 752 until his death. He was also a grandfather to Charlemagne, Holy Roman Emporer and ...

Charles III (879 – 929) “The Simple” King of Western Francia, was my 1st Cousin 32x removed. In 911AD, to prevent another siege of Paris, he negotiated and ...

Saint Ladislaus I, my 31st GGF, was the second son King Béla I of Hungary, and his wife princess Richeza. He was born in Poland, where his father had sought ...

PAYNE GGF> King Edward III of England: Possibly the most successful, young ruler of England in history.

Pepin of Herstal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

898 Hugh Capet the Great Duke of the Franks. Count of Paris Married Hedwig of Saxony, Germany

Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou, father of Henry II.

Adalbert II of Italy

Malcolm III, King of Scotland, links to Scottish Nobility, through his Daughter Matilda, who Married Henry I my Great Grand Father

Charles Martel aka: "The Founder of Europe" is my 35th, 38th,

Berengar bows to Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor. Berengar II (c. 900

Pepin the Short - Father of Charlemagne

Æthelred the Unready, or Æthelred (circa 968 – 23 April was king of England and He was son of King Edgar and Queen Ælfthryth and was only about ten years ...

Beautiful statue of Bertada of Laon - the mother of Charlemagne, the last Merovingian Queen, the wife of Pepin the Great and my 36th, 37th (x2) 38th, ...

Comte de Vermandois (1667-83) Louise de La Vallière-Louis de Bourbon

Adelaide of Aquitaine (c.945/952-1004) Daughter of William III of Aquitaine and Adele of Normandy. Wife to Hugh Capet

My GG Father Alfonso VIII King of Castile and Toledo (Spain) was Married to Eleanor Plantagenet Daughter of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine

Combination of Nordic Runes for the letters H and B, the initials of a Danish King Harald "Bluetooth" Gormsson.

Poppa of Bayeux, Duchess of Normandy (872-929) Daughter of Pepin I

Charles V the Wise (Charles V le Sage) 8 April 1364 16 September 1380 • Son of John II King of France (Roi de France)

00 King St Olav II of Norway and Stefan Uros III of Decani, Nemanjić ,

House House of Plantagenet Father Edward II of England Mother Isabella of France Born 13 November 1312 Windsor Castle, Berkshire Died 21 June 1377 (aged ...

Pepin I Great Ancestor on family tree.

Æthelwulf, was King of Wessex from 839 until his death in 858. He was the only known child of King Egbert of Wessex. He conquered the kingdom of Kent on ...

Viking Rollo Lothbrok/Lodbrok, brother of the infamous Viking warrior Ragnar Lothbrok; 700AD...Recruited The Hunters of Hunterson Castle Clan Hunter in ...


Alys countess of the vexin - daughter of King Louis VII of France, betrothed to Richard the Lionheart, but kept instead, by his father Henry II, ...

Les Pippinides. Sacre de Pépin ...

Charles II of England, Scotland, and Ireland, 1670.

Athanaric King of the Visigoths 56th GGF

Sweaty, smelling, dirty Visogoths sack Rome video http://www.history

Philip IV the Fair, the Iron King (Philippe IV le Bel) 5 October 1285 29 November 1314 • Son of Philip III King of France and of Navarre (Roi de France et ...

ragnar lothbrok statue

tomb of henry ii and catherine de medici in basilica of st. denis - Google Search

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Gorr Thorrasson (365 - 418) is your 43rd great grandfather on my Father's side

Critical Thinking Quote: Desmond Tutu - My father used to say: 'Don't raise your voice, improve your argument'

King Harold I ("Harefoot"), son of Cnut the Great, ruled

Οι πιο γελοίοι θάνατοι βασιλιάδων και αξιωματούχων « olympia.gr

Harold Bluetooth Gormsson , First Christian King Of Denmark. My 32nd Great Grand Father.

Medieval drawing of Edward III with the Order of the Garter. 1312-1377 -

Martha of Armagnac (after 18 February (1347-1378)was the youngest child

https://www.quora. Where are modern white French people mostly descended from? Genetic Map: Vinicius Emygdio Chaulet. Europe, genetic map: red, R1b (Celtic, ...


Image result for john of gaunt

Rollo statue in downtown Fargo. Famous Viking, born in Norway and eventually given the

Ermentrude of Orleans, Queen consort of the Franks, wife of Charles the Bald,

Viking Rollo and Descendants 1035

Attila The Hun Quotes

دكتر 'مجيد محمدحسيني' روز سه شنبه در گفت و گو با ايرنا افزود: تاكنون اين اقلام بصورت وارداتي و باخروج مبلغ بيش از10ميليون دلار ارز كشور دراختيار مصرف ...

The Mighty Thor, who was known primarily as the thunder god was also the Norse

Robert I "Rollo" of Normandy aka: "Rolf The Ganger." Legendary Viking Leader and my GGF. The History Channel's mini-series "Vikings" featured him as a main ...

Berengaria of Navarre.. Effigy of Berengaria in the chapter house of L'Épau

Cleopatra Selene II

Grand Prince Rurik ~ Viking overlord of Kievan Rus . " Rus " is the name of the clan , - witch later on became the father`s of city Kiev in Ukraine ...

rollo duke of normandy statue | Richard the Good stock image. Image of pedestal,

original style for RDX roof bar roof rack rail/luggage cross bar,install with screws,thicken aluminum alloy,best recomended. - us695

Roman Leaders Timeline | Family Tree

_MG_2823 - Version 2

By Jan Toth-Chernin. ''

HM King Leopold II of Belgium. Died: December 17, 1909, aged 74

John II of Luxembourg, Count of Ligny+Lord Beauvoir+Richebourg+Count Guise

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