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1964 The Who then known as The High Numbers receive a letter

1964 The Who then known as The High Numbers receive a letter


1964, The Who then known as The High Numbers, receive a letter from EMI

... High Numbers ad 9 Aug 1964

President Lyndon B. Johnson shakes hands with civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

The Beatles in the 'Burgh, 1964

Beatles fans crowd under a makeshift canvas shelter on North Terrace in the wait for tickets in 1964.

Malcolm X in March 1964

A black woman and a white woman sit next to each other at a New York

Carmichael, CA 95608 Fair Oaks, CA 95628

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (article) | Khan Academy

Students of Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, shout insults at Elizabeth Eckford

1, 1964)

MLK and Malcolm X met only once?

... High Numbers 6 Sep 1964 ad

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in their yearbook photos. (Photos: 1965 Maine South

... High Numbers 4 Sep 1964 ad

Sweet Richard Gone 1964

02 Oct 1964 ticket 02 Oct 1964 ticket. Catch The High Numbers ...

The Beatles in 1963, shortly after Please Pleas Me went to number one in the

Wilderness Giant Stewart “Brandy” Brandborg Moves on at 93

... High Numbers ad 2 Aug 1964

... High Numbers ad 30 Aug 1964

How the Beatles Went Viral: Blunders, Technology & Luck Broke the Fab Four in America

Admin_thumb_beatles-in-christchurch-clarendon_-colour. The Beatles in Christchurch

16 Magazine sales really took off in 1964 after The Beatles hit - it had not been all that popular up until that time

18 July 1964 ad 18 July 1964 ad


321 White Russian refugees arrive by train from China at Kowloon Railway Station on May 27


Britain's most racist election: the story of Smethwick, 50 years on | World news | The Guardian

Animals LP Art Circa 1964

John Lennon in Paris 1964

1964 Hillcrest High School Yearbook via Classmates.com

Getty Images: 1965: Readying for Vietnam

Johnson campaigning in 1964

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Campaign, U.S. presidential election, 1964

Page 1

Nixon and Billy Graham

Printable Image: EMD 1964-May10-1

Former Swarthmore student, Penny Patch, with a local resident, while canvassing in Batesville, Panola County, Mississippi, March 1965.


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Season 2 (1967–1968)[edit]

Photograph of Barry Goldwater as a Senator

Printable Image: EMD 1964-June10-5

"Love Me Do" (May 30, 1964)

Ayers and three other Alaska Air National Guard members died in a plane crash following the 1964 earthquake.

December 19, 1964. First Snow Queen of Champlain

Not originally ...

Memphis sanitation workers hold signs with the slogan "I am a man" during

White Russians from Sinkiang province [Xinjiang], at Man Shing Apartment, Kimberley Road

12.1 Overview of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Richard Wilcocks in 1964 Photo by Gordon Stevens


The Beatles during rehearsals for The Ed Sullivan Show, 1964

According to “Beatles Gear”, it was at the Boston Gardens in Massachusetts on September 12th, 1964 that Lennon used this in concert.

A 1964 FBI poster seeks information on the whereabouts of Andrew Goodman, James Earl Chaney

Printable Image: EMD 1964-July2-6

Elijah Muhammad speaks during Saviour's Day celebrations, while Muhammad Ali listens (center, fore


On a Saturday morning 50 years ago tomorrow, then Surgeon General Luther Terry made a bold announcement to a roomful of reporters: cigarette smoking causes ...

Chicago Tribune, September 17, 1964


Paris When it Sizzles, Audrey Hepburn, 1964 Premium Poster

50 Years After the Moynihan Report, Examining the Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration - The Atlantic

SNCC staff members joined hands.


The film was a huge success and garnered Paul Newman a Best Actor Oscar. Jimmie played his song from the film at that year's Academy Awards.

Jim Lindsay

'Ballad In Plain D' (1964)

Jeopardy's beloved first host, Art Fleming (1964-1975)


Student volunteers and more experienced civil rights activists gathered in June 1964 on the campus of

A page from Hosea Williams' newspaper, The Crusader: an announcement to join The

Not originally ...

Universal 3'' Blank Large Cattle ID Ear Tags Yellow/Black Center - Item ...

... pecking order.) However.... a chance meeting between band member Alan Doyle and Brian Epstein in 1967 revealed that the Toggery Five had in fact won the ...

Muhammad Ali Vietnam




... catcher 1964 Topps Mantle

(1964-75; 1978; 1984-present)

Brown and Ryan didn't always see eye-to-eye, but their

RINGO, JOHN, AND GEORGE 1964. (on Ringo's tonsils)

The World Almanac and Book of Facts 1964

photo shoot props

Clarence Mitchell to Roy Wilkins, March 12, 1964. Typed letter. NAACP Records, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress (167.00.00) Courtesy of the NAACP