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1953 KaiserDarrin Prototype wHoward quotDutchquot t

1953 KaiserDarrin Prototype wHoward quotDutchquot t


Keen admirers would say that the front "always looked like it wanted to give

Prototype Kaiser Darrin fiberglass bodied sportscar with its creator, Howard "Dutch" Kaiser,

1954 Kaiser-Darrin

1953 Kaiser Darrin Prototype - This prototype differs from the production cars as follows split windshield

There's nothing to see here, folks. (Yes, we mean that literally. Sorry.)

1954 Kaiser Darrin Convertible Roadster Stock Photo

1954 Kaiser Darrin

1954 Kaiser-Darrin: Street stalking cheetah with the heart of a chihuahua

1954 Kaiser Darrin

1954 Kaiser Darrin

darrin prototype

Driver's side view of Kaiser Darrin. Note padded dashboard and sliding entry door.

It began with an incredible design by Howard 1954 Kaiser Darrin Roadster "

1954 Kaiser Darrin Roadster

1954 Kaiser Darrin Roadster / Fiberglass Body with Innovative Sliding Doors, which gained popularity when the minivan entered our vehicular culture.

A 1954 Kaiser Darrin on display at the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum

1954 Kaiser Darrin Roadster

kaiser darrin

1954 Kaiser Darrin, one of 435 made.

Rear view of Kaiser Darrin

The ...

Our final entry from Kaiser is the strangest—a sports car designed by Howard “

By 1953, things weren't looking so fresh and rosy for the Kaiser Motor Company (in 1953, partner Joe Frazer got in a spat with Henry J. and said “auf ...

1954 Kaiser-Darrin

12 Days Until Scottsdale 1954 Kaiser Darrin- Barrett-Jackson Auction Company - World's Greatest Collector Car Auctions

1954 Kaiser-Darrin ...

1951 Kaiser Henry J

1951 Kaiser Deluxe

darrin-161 cars

1954 Kaiser Darrin DF161 at 1971 KF Wisconsin Meet ORIGINAL Factory Photo wy2191

1949-1953 Kaiser Traveler and Vagabond

1953 kaiser Dragon

1954 Kaiser ...

1954 Kaiser Darrin Automobile Photo Poster zub4300-Q1HOMH

1954 Kaiser Darrin Automobile Photo Poster zad5171-5VZWU6

Kaiser-Frazier Traveler advertisement

1953 Kaiser Darrin Prototype Automobile Photo Poster zc8382-YR1DKY

Sales Lot Classic: 1953 Kaiser Dragon – A Problem Is Simply An Opportunity In Work Clothes

The DKW Flintridge – Howard “Dutch” Darrin's Last (Built) Sports Car

1953 Kaiser Darrin Prototype Interior Factory Photo ub1404-D1PHMC

1954 Kaiser Darrin Automobile Photo Poster zc5832-OZGMUE

1954 Kaiser cars

The ...

1953 Kaiser Darrin Prototype Engine Factory Photo ub1419-R4DAAY

1953 Kaiser Darrin Prototype Engine Factory Photo ub1421-ELFJH5

1954 Kaiser Darrin DKF 161 Automobile Photo Poster zad5212-WGK9I2

... 1954 Kaiser Darrin pocket door

photo 1951-kaiser-car_zps8e51a5f5.jpg

1953 Kaiser Darrin Prototype Engine Factory Photo ub1415-JFN3BQ

The ...

1954 Kaiser Darrin DF161 ORIGINAL Factory Photograph wy2188

photo Kaiser_Manhattan_4-D_Sedan_1953_zpsbae553f6.jpg. A 1953 Kaiser ...

The Bangert Manta Ray – Road & Track's “Special of the Month” (June 1955)

1954 1955 Kaiser Manhattan Prototype Concept Factory Photo ca8939

1954 Kaiser with Trailer ORIGINAL Factory Photo oub7296

13_0807_ER_1104: The new Kaiser Darrin on display ...

First Drive: 1949 Kurtis Sport Car

1954 Kaiser Darrin Roadster

Kaiser-Darrin ...

Lightweight Glasspar bodies were popularly used for sports car competition, Bonneville, even drag racing

1947 Kaiser-Frazer Ad-03

1953 Kaiser Darrin Prototype Factory Photo ub0792-2NYHT7

Video: 1954 Kaiser Darrin | Ride Along

Image 8 of 13: Intriguing coupe prototype featured massive

Image 5 of 13: Civilian Jeepster prototype hinted at postwar Kaiser car production

Mention the words “classic American two-seater” and most minds will immediately recall the shapely Chevrolet Corvette and the iconic Ford Thunderbird.

Caption: ...

So far, I have only seen this on an Australian site. It doesn't relate to the hardtop, but, it is an interesting concept -

1954 Darrin production - fiberglass car

1953 - 1955: car production winds down despite the revolutionary Darrin-161

1953 Kaiser Ad-05

Image 4 of 13: Wartime Kaiser two-door buck had suicide doors, demountable

Additional Photos

A few Woodills were assembled by the factory. Most were built by private owners.

John and his wife Pat have put together a terrific nostalgia collection of 1950's picnic and camper equipment... the fishing gear could be right out of a ...


Daniel Schmitt & Co. Classic Car Gallery

This Glasspar body, built for a Naugatuck Chemical Company test car, was featured in

... fiberglass car prototype just before the war, and there's a classic photo of Henry fiercely wielding an axe to a prototype soybean plastic '41 Ford ...

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Kurtis Kraft 500S engine and hood

The Darrin Competition Sports Car – Voila! Introducing the Kaiser Darrin (PIC Magazine, January 1953)

Image 3 of 13: Side trim on crude Kaiser runabout is nailed-on wooden

The Mark II By U.S. Fiberglass Industrial Plastics, Norwood New Jersey

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Hi Gang… Ever hear the quote: ...

Daniel Schmitt & Co. Classic Car Gallery

Daniel Schmitt & Co. Classic Car Gallery

Additional Photos

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Video: 1954 Kaiser Darrin | Classic Cars and New Technology: HCCTV


The above speedo and instrument cluster is sweet. Next to the 50's Nash all in one pod, I'd pick this one anyday for a hot rod.

Automobile stylist Howard "Dutch" Darrin and the mock up for the proposed 1947 Kaiser and Frazer. Note his signature dip in the rear fender, which did not ...

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Letter Concerning ...