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17th Battery CFA firing a German 42 on the retreating Boche

17th Battery CFA firing a German 42 on the retreating Boche


17th Battery, Canadian Field Artillery, firing a German 4.2 gun on the retreating Germans, Vimy Ridge, France, April 1917

WW1 21cm German mortar

Somewhere in Europe circa 1918, from a series of World War I views. "Dead German artilleryman." Bain News Service glass negative.

German guns made by Krupp, in use during the First World War. Above:

(W.W.I - 1914 - 1918) Canadian medics tending to a wounded German on the

ww1 british howitzer - Google Search

First World War Images: British Soldiers: Part 2

(W.W.I - 1914 - 1918) German prisoners and Canadian Red Cross men assist in

Belgian gunners outside Antwerp scramble furiously to fend off the encroaching German juggernaut.

heavy artillery at the disposal of the German Army

This is the German leFH 18 howitzer in

Captured German 77mm gun

15 см германская тяжелая полевая гаубица модели 1902 г

Image result for french 75mm french m1897

Dismantling of the German A7V tank (Sturmpanzerwagen A7V) named "Schnuck" in London

Mortier de 280 mle 1914 sur Chenilles Schneider

Early British Gas Mask #FirstWorldWar November 1915

American Marines of the 2nd Battalion, 5th Regiment posing with a German minenwerfer captured during the Battle of Belleau Wood, 1918.

British 15 pounder field gun, the gun used by the two Royal Field Artillery batteries in the Battles of Belmont and Graspan in November 1899

Man of 9th Infantry US 2nd Infantry Division firing a M18A1 recoilless gun Korea 5 September


Prince Edward Battery plaque, Victoria Park.

10.5 cm leichte Feldhaubitze L.F.H. 18 (M): German Light Field Howitzer WW II

Francais/French AR2007-Z035-09 Le 10 octobre 2007 ZAKAR, AFGHANISTAN Le

Saint-Chamond 220mm GPF Houfnice model 1917

THIS DAY IN WWI: DEC 8, 1915 - Gallipoli: Evacuation Begins at Anzac Cove and Suvla Bay. Pictured - British soldiers and equipment are pulled offshore on a ...

Francais/French AR2007-Z035-10 Le 10 octobre 2007 ZAKAR, AFGHANISTAN Le

Image result for french 75mm french m1897


12th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment Click image to view full size.

... la foire du trone Clemlittleworld-17 ...

English/Anglais AR2007-Z035-08 October 10, 2007 ZAKAR, AFGHANISTAN A

Shooting for the Ashburton Shield at a NRA Meeting in 1906 (SHC ref QRWS/30/CLARGG/1 p.46)

Army barrage map of the area around Passchendaele, November 1917.

Royal Field Artillery in action, preparing an for firing.

Two German soldiers in firing positions with an MG 42 machine gun and a Sturmgewehr. The MG 42 had the somewhat incredible rate of fire of 1,500 rounds per ...

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Is it a German?


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Map--Canadian Operations on the Somme

16 RIR moving forward near Ribecourt

I would imagine that many of you who are reading this book are very likely familiar with the standard routine of military training exercises and the rigours ...

7. WW II U.S. 35th Infantry Division at Camp Butner, NC - 15 Jan 1944

The long barrel of a 16 inch coastal defense gun looms large to the Private standing in front of it. The gun was rendered useless by retreating German ...

A 38cm gun of Batterie Todt. Bundesarchiv photograph.

Windlesham Man's DCM

John Nash map Welsh Ridge SimonJonesHistorian

The war diary of the 25th Battalion (2nd Division) during the Battle of Passchendaele

3rd Bn War Diaries 1918 | The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada Regimental Museum and Archives

A German coastal battery.

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Black Saturday bushfires - Map of fire locations on 10 February

UW Madison

Name: Battle_of_La_Malmaison_and_German_retreat_from_the_Chemin_des_Dames,_October-November_1917.jpg Views: 251 Size: 128.0 KB

The Belgian army is placed on alert because of recent tension and signs of German troop movements. The Luftwaffe has been successful in keeping Allied ...

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Firing broke out and Will Harvey, together with the corporal commanding the patrol, rushed the listening post. Our Gloucestershire poet shot two Germans ...

The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Story of the Great War, Volume VII (of 8), by Various

The Project Gutenberg eBook of How I Filmed the War, by Lieut. Geoffrey H. Malins, O.B.E.

Attachment 236653

FOCH'S FRONT Sept. 8–9.

[71] The 7th Brigade races were held on the 21st, and provided a good day's sport, but the engagement was rather spoiled by an almost continuous downpour of ...

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Fire engine

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Germany deports Osama bin Laden's 'bodyguard' to Tunisia after outrage over his £1,022 a month welfare payments

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Journal From Our Legation In Belgium, by Hugh Gibson.

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Plate LX - Chart showing Positions of Dangerous Areas proclaimed and cleared of German Mines in 1915-16-17 (click to enlarge)

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How to Read a Memorial Cross ...

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German investor outlook demand trade tensions Italy

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31st July

... Pasifik ke-46 di Papua Nugini (PNG), Organisasi Masyarakat Sipil (OMS), gereja dan gerakan sosial yang mewakili lebih dari 42 organisasi serta 13 negara ...

... 63.

31st September - The Great War, Day by Day - The Wartime Memories Project