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11 Dec Apparently a card Houdini actually sent Love the

11 Dec Apparently a card Houdini actually sent Love the


Houdini loved Christmas. A simple google search for Houdini and Christmas will unveil a multitude of different Christmas Cards and Christmas Greetings from ...

Doomed to Die! Manchester: James Tennant & Co. Letterpress broadside advertises Houdini's exposé of a coffin escape in which his hands will be cuffed ...

On May 24, 1995, NBC aired the one-hour special Houdini: Unlocking His Secrets hosted by Robert Urich. The show featured modern magicians performing ...

Houdini! Lo spirito del vecchio Babbo Natale Si è

Bess Houdini, left, San Francisco Chronicle, Sunday, June 11, 1899,

In 1908, Harry Houdini published a book called The Unmasking of Robert-Houdin., The book attempted to show that Robert-Houdin was NOT the Father of Modern ...

Lot:Harry Houdini Shackles Collection, Lot Number:42, Starting Bid:$30000

Born Ehrich Weisz, Harry Houdini changed his name after he moved to America from Hungary

Harry Houdini ~ The Right Way to Do Wrong

From The Original Houdini Scrapbook

An Expose on the King of Card Act of Harry Houdini

On February 11, 1912, the Trenton Evening Times Newspaper announced the coming arrival of Harry Houdini to the NJ Capital. Houdini had toured the world and ...

Unlike Walking Through A Brick Wall, we actually don't know for certain how Houdini vanished his elephant. But we know it wasn't as shown above.

Image from Houdini Art and Magic

Houdini poster. Impossible? Read This Letter. 1909. on

Harry Houdini Signed and Dated Playing Card, Houdini (1874-1926) a Hungarian

So thanks to the Tony Curtis “Houdini” movie, George Pal, and the “You Asked For It” show, the print donated by Paramount to the LoC is missing Reels 3 and ...

In 1918 Houdini was a busy man. Among his many projects was the creation of a Temple of Mystery. This was going to be a theatre in NY devoted to magic.

As you can see, Lasky sent this to Houdini care of the "Lasky Studios" in Hollywood. It's too bad he didn't send it to the address where Houdini was ...

Houdini to Bess – "Sweetheart Mine". Love Letter ...

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Handcuff Key of Harry Houdini

And then, Jessica Zumberge (Curator) and Gail Fornasiere (Director of Marketing and Public Relations) gave John and I the first look of what truly is a very ...

Mrs. Gordon appears in the doorway. Beck passes her in the hallway.

WILD ABOUT HARRY: German Houdini booklet and the brick wall exposure.

Yes, this is THE book, and on Halloween at 1:26 PM (EST), the precise time of Houdini's death 90 years ago, I will open the book and reveal the long lost ...

Well, you might want to sign up. David Copperfield announced this week he will be posting photos from his collection every Wednesday in a project he calls ...

WILD ABOUT HARRY: Houdini in 1915

Potter & Potter's next auction is the highly anticipated "The Golden Age of Magic Posters, Part II" on February 4th, 2017. That auction will include Houdini ...


Dover's perennial trade paperback edition of Houdini on Magic by Walter B. Gibson and Morris N. Young has received a minor cover art makeover. The new cover ...

4th of July Matinee Today!

Before there was Harry Potter and Mac King, someone else apparently invented The Cloak of Invisibility. This dates back to 1949 and was the creation of a ...


Joe M. Notaro Collection

Houdini's leap from the Harvard Bridge is one of his more well-known bridge jumps, not only because of the excellent photos taken that day, ...

This was part of a Nationwide group of festivities put on by AtlasObscura.com. Last year's event in Washington was called HOUDINI IN ...

October 30th – Houdini Slightly Better After Second Operation


Joe M. Notaro Collection

Rare illustrated A.L.S., 1900, with Magic Content: Harry Houdini

Houdini Last Newspaper Interview October 1926 Montreal Daily Star

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... let a newspaper get a misstep by without a stern letter in return, ...


Everyone loved the exhibit and really appreciated the effort that everyone put into making it truly something special.

This terrific unpublished photograph comes from the collection of Mario Carrandi, Jr., and is a companion to the photo of Houdini's hands.

I love it when something you read is not only enjoyable, but it can inform and educate you as well, such as Harry Houdini has. I haven't been able to read ...

All the “Nuts”, referred to as “non-believers” and the “scary front row” by Duffy were treated to a very special performance of magic/escapes (strait-jacket ...

Houdini Kitchen Laboratory

It sounds like Reel 4 was taken out of the metal canister that contained the reels of Terror Island and was used for the “You Asked For It” show and never ...

Next, the lower right hand image on the poster has Houdini doing fancy one handed cuts, one in each hand. The one handed cuts that Houdini demonstrates may ...

Writer: Harry Houdini Producer: Harry Houdini Cast: Harry Houdini, Jane Connelly, Arthur Maude Country: USA Year of release: 1922

July 29, 1952 Los Angeles Times

Miracle mongers and their methods: A complete: Houdini, Harry

Houdini Memorbilla at the Houdini Museum in Scranton, PA

houdini quote

Amazon.com: Houdini: The Handcuff King (9780786839032): Jason Lutes, Nick Bertozzi: Books

March 24, 1874 in Budapest in the family rabbi born a boy named Eric Weiss, known as Harry Houdini.

A Magician Among the Spirits: Harry Houdini

Houdini Magical Hall of Fame added 6 new photos.

2014 was a year jam-packed with Houdini events and news and a very busy and exciting year for WILD ABOUT HARRY.

Amazon.com: Harry Houdini Mysteries: The Dime Museum Murders (9780857682840): Daniel Stashower: Books

In the Houdini Giant Card Star, Houdini would show a jumbo deck of cards and then several cards were named by members of the audience. The Card Star was ...

Mysterio's Encyclopedia of Magic and Conjuring: A Complete Compendium of Astonishing Illusions: Gabe Fajuri: 9781594744969: Amazon.com: Books

Letter from Lovecraft to Houdini about Edgar Allan Poe's desk

Houdini: Master of Illusion: Clinton Cox: 9780590949606: Amazon.com: Books

Waking the Dead

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Here's a nice illustration from The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Ohio) - Sun, Dec 24, 1899. Study it carefully and you can become a King of Cards.

Houdini HIVE Presentations in Utrecht 2018


Like all other attempts before it, the nationally televised seance on Oct. 31, 1987 failed to contact Harry Houdini.

(This is the #1 most Googled question that draws people to this blog.) Even though they both loved children, the Houdinis did not have any children of their ...


Both masters of mystery wish you the happiest of Fourths of July money can buy! (Click or tap to enlarge.)

Original Signed Harry Houdini Letter And Envelope- RARE Dated July 19, 1926

1) 'It became national news when, in Sheffield, Houdini escaped the murderer's cell that had held Charles Peace - “the greatest criminal that London ever ...

Miracle Mongers and Their Methods [inscribed]: Houdini, Harry

So that's the set-up.

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Houdini Museum Appleton WI

Bess and Harry HOUDINI~DANTE Movie Title Lobby Card~Marie Blood~The Fays MagicToken, etc.

Houdini was an avid journal keeper, though no diaries - nor even any substantial extracts - have ever been published. This photo of ...

Houdini Magical Hall of Fame added 6 new photos.

Here's an excerpt from the stenographic record of Enright's speech published in The Sphinx, August 15, 1924, p. 181:

Evals gradually increased as Komodo slowly improved its position on the queen side.The bishop on g7 was enough to stop any counter by Houdini on the king ...