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104 vg League of Legends lolg Video Game Generals

104 vg League of Legends lolg Video Game Generals


/vg/ - League of Legends General - /lolg/ - Video Game Generals -

/vg/ - League of Legends General - /lolg/ - Video Game Generals -

/vg/ - League of Legends general - /lolg/ - Video Game Generals -

/vg/ - League of Legends /lolg/ - Video Game Generals -

/vg/ - League of Legends General - /lolg/ - Video Game Generals -

/vg/ - League of Legends General - /lolg/ - Video Game Generals -

/vg/ - League of Legends GEneral - /lolg/ - Video Game Generals -

/vg/ - League of Legends (/lolg/ general) - Video Game Generals -

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R: 250 / I: 98▷. League of legends general /lolg/: ...

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What is League of Legends?

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The game is pretty difficult and one small mistake has crippling effects as once zombies infect one of your buildings it will spawn even more zombies.

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Not my oldest screenshot but worth sharing!

Quinns has lost himself in Dota 2 as if it were a Minecraft cave system. Surfacing 90 hours later, we asked him what Dota 2 means. This is what he sent us.

End-game screenshot ...

VG.R thinks that because they have a 7,500 gold lead with strong early game heroes, they should try to close the game instead of farming the jungle for 20 ...

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Lightforged Draenei Preview

Unlike the Alliance vs DK game above, where Alliance could take risks early on and not lose all their momentum, one bad exchange erased almost their whole ...

It is just a video game, I guess.

2b and 2c grant vision of both the blue buff golems and the route to wolves, which can be very helpful.


For all the times I get salty!

Welcome to another 30 minutes of Sniper's team hiding in their base because the dire tried to high ground with “only” a 20,000 gold lead. And to top it off, ...

[Video Game Review] Gauntlet

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Riot Games sues mobile game developer for producing alleged League of Legends knockoffs : leagueoflegends

I bought the game for 17,50 Euros and at some point later they're adding a single player campaign. The full release is planned for 2018 and right now it's ...

http://cdn.leagueoflegends.com/game -info/1.1.9/images/champion/backdrop/bg-jax.jpg

What Doublelift thinks of critical strike in LoL [0:47] : leagueoflegends

Reminder that the situation with TM/Riot OCE has not been solved. : leagueoflegends

League of Legends


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Its pretty much Star Wars with Guardians…

I think the gold won't change much, but the hero prices will be cut as new ones are added. Where they will make money is in stuff like the Halloween skins ...

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I agree, that banana bush ...


... games averaging 25 gold per win. You can net 300g per day. So you are making 2100gold per week fairly easily. That will get you a bunch of the heroes.

A 30k/30k lead, 45-12, a well-deserved victory against a dumpster Dire team who was yelling at each other and intentionally feeding all game.

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ELEAGUE Major Boston will feature 24 teams

1 = dune

I'm playing League Of Legends for 5 Years now. Boosting since 2013, all my work can be found on my FaceBook page. Read below all given information.

Match History | MVP Poll | Game Breakdown

The greater Rock, Paper, Shotgun Community collectively raised its eyebrows when Valve began work on a sequel to Dota. As individuals, we should now take ...

Miracle earned 271 gold for the kill on the WD (271+40 for track=the stated 311). The enemy team earned 1943 gold for the counter-kill. Miracle is 10-0.

League of Legends /lolg/ 09 Янв, 22:06 #20586571 В конец треда | Веб

Saber (Fate/Stay Night) playing well into the night

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HUSH, ITaS A SECRET 0 Get something EahienEye addicts might be getting a little rusty

retro gamer*

1965 Detroit Lions Ticket Stub vs Green Bay Packers Bart Starr 301 Yds, 3 TD

1 = Aons

Blind Bob's excuse for why

4 = SC1

Honestly it's not the worst game and they really worked hard to improve the story since the first time around. If the movie is anything like the campaign ...

7.07 Professional Meta – Team fight, team fight, and some more team fight!

3224 A #8 VG/FN (Classic Feldstein Shrunken Head-C) ...............125

... Weak Auras aren't up at once. Also, I have 10M raid frames under my action bars, while 25 sit off to the left in the "standard" location; ...

The PGL 2017 Krakow CS:GO Major Championship Series will kick off with the usual four Minor events, held in Asia, the Americas, CIS and Europe.


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But here was a chance to do gamers a service. I could find out how long it takes to get competent at Dota 2, one of the least accessible games in existence, ...

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